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About myself and everyone else. – *edit* deluxe

This is the edit.

So that is the product that I got from mxm-upgrade. I didn’t get ripped off after all.

Having said that. Since I never got a response back I assumed the worst. I still haven’t received a response but at this point I support I don’t care. I’m sure if I get an email from Kris he said say f@3 off.

The first thing after opening the package was this, the sorry post and edit to my rant.

It makes for good humor I suppose.

Happy days since I can use my 3k$ laptop again.

One man bands FTW !

Sorry Kris

Below follows the original post.

After a short romance that started in 2009, the GFX in my Eurocom laptop decided to die.

I had the HD5870Ati card. This is a 1GB DDR5 card with DX11. Lots of fun I have to say, even with Crysis at full detail I didn’t really have any issues that I could notice.

Then a year or three later I started getting blackouts on the GFX. I couldn’t use the LCD panel for a while and I had to use an external  monitor. Then this year it all died. I literally couldn’t get the laptop to come on.

So what do you do when you spend 3k$ on a laptop.

Let’s try the warranty you say,

I imported laptops (Eurocom only) to South Africa for a short while. It was good while it lasted. Most buyers were super happy. I had some issues here and there with incorrect shipments from Eurocom or a faulty part or two but nothing that I couldn’t deal with without too much hassle to the customer.

SO I figured I’d call them for a fix or some help. My contact that I dealt with got a promotion,  so I had to deal with another guy. After half a dozen emails I didn’t feel loved and had to resort to getting in contact with my previous contact and sent a whole bunch of unfriendly emails and wham, I got helped. Unfortunately the only help they were willing to extend their help was me shipping my laptop to them. This cost around 300$ NZD.

They didn’t want to help verbally or to try and diagnose issues.

Since financially shipping my laptop would cost about 1/4 of a new one it’s really pointless to ship it.

I thus asked if I can just buy some spare parts. Personally I’ve wanted to upgrade my GFX anyways but no such luck from them. I”m still waiting for correspondence, my email below.

From: Jannie Muller (
Sent: 22 July 2012 12:54:54 AM

Hey John

I’m really at my end here but please hear me out.I was busy taking out my GFX in order to send it to , these guys have agreed to test it for me.
While doing this I saw that the thermal pad contacts weren’t right.I fiddled a bit with it and the computer came on.
Then after a while the LCD goes black and then it stays like that.So obviously it’s a temperature thing.I’ve search hi and low for thermal pads with the proper thickness but I can’t find. The other thing is I remember this heat sink was initially for a 280m Nvidia when I bought the laptop. I later upgraded the GFX. During this I used the same heatsink. So this is a problem since some of the chips aren’t in the same layout. Thus increasing the space between the GPU card and the heatsink, so this I’m sure is part of the problem. Here is the thing,

I’m really keen to upgrade my GFX anyways, to the 6990 series. According to the upgrades on your site it’s not an option for me since it’s not in my cheetah, however it is in the 2.0 the newer model. According to articles on the web and the one on there is enough power to run the card but it’s not on eurocoms’ website for an upgrade option.

I can get it from MXM upgrade but then I don’t get the proper heatsink and I’m back to square one.

Basically I need 2 things.

Your opinion on upgrading to the 6990, and how do I go about buying it.
If I can’t do that, is there a specific heatsink I should get for the 5870 for my current laptop, and where can I get replacement pads.


So I started digging around for re-sellers of mxm cards.

I got great help from Kris, “Hi Everyone I’m Kris ”

Kris Verbeeckthe one man band that runs mxm upgrade. I don’t mind one man bands to be honest since I did it while importing laptops to South Africa. Less hands means cheaper prices and that drives sales pretty well. So Kris helped me out with a technical detail here and there and I eventually ended up buying a card from him.

Another unfortunate detail is that even though I’ve paid I’ve not received any products.

The communication looks something like this.

From: Jannie Muller <>

To: “” <>

Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 9:16 AM

Subject: RE: GFX card

HeyDoes that come with a heat sink and some thermal pads also?
Can you throw in a few extra thermal pads please.Jannie, you just completed your payment.
Your receipt number for this payment is: X113-X119-X116-X3114.
We’ll send a confirmation email to This transaction will appear on your statement as PayPal *FTRFMXMUPGRThanks for hanging in there and all the advise.


From: MXM Upgrade (
Sent: 26 July 2012 02:35:46 PM
To: Jannie Muller (

 These are complete sets, so no worries 😉

From: Jannie Muller <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 9:58 PM
Subject: GFX

Hi Kris

Please get back to me on the GFX card and my order?



From: MXM Upgrade (
Sent: 01 August 2012 10:23:43 PM
To: Jannie Muller (


Sorry about that. Been sick the last few days. Got back up this morning. Trying to catch up, it’s eleven in the evening now. Tomorrow I’m in Germany, Friday in The Netherlands, i’ll try very hand to squeeze it in somwhere.


From: Jannie Muller (
Sent: 7 August 2012 22:47:27 PM
To: (

Hi Kris

I’ve had no feedback for days.

Please let me know if you are unable to source this card.

If you can’t source the card please arrange for a refund.



From: Jannie Muller (
Sent: 8 August 2012 23:18:12 PM
To: (

Hi Kris

I’ve had no feedback this far.

Can you please contact me with regards to arranging for a refund.



From: Jannie Muller (
Sent: 10 August 2012 00:48:29 PM
To: (

Hi Kris

Please could you contact me and reply to my email.

I need to know if you have any intention to ship my product.



From: Jannie Muller (
Sent: 12 August 2012 09:14:08 PM
To: (

I suppose it’s safe to say you have no intention of delivering this product.

You don’t communicate and most certainly don’t care.

business fail.

It would appear that Kris has succumb to whatever sickness he had an can no longer engage in my email since I’m not getting replies. Ladies and Gents notice that I have paid Kris 200 Eur. SO it’s either the disease or Kris has fallen victim to ze Germans!

So if you want to upgrade your mxm card. Don’t get scammed by Kris. From their website

MXM Upgrade was founded early 2006 as a “proof of concept” project by Kris Verbeeck…

Kris Verbeeck

This is what a Kris and a thief looks like, I’m kind of having a bit of a chuckle since he looks a bit like a banker and after all the banking nonsense going on I’m not surprised, maybe Kris is a banker and not a thief because technically I gave him my money expecting something back. He didn’t take it out of my wallet perse.

Kris, -1 for  you being a banker, -200Eur for me cause I have invested in virtual GFX card.

The moral[s] of the story is

  1. even if you have a warranty for x-years. Your product will most likely break right after.
  2. most companies don’t care enough in order to help individuals.
  3. most individuals don’t care enough in order to help individuals (even if you have paid).
  4. don’t trust in “modular laptops” , see my newsletter comments to Eurocom.
  5. buy a desktop PC where you can upgrade parts even if you are not in the US. Readily available parts. This is also the reason why I’m not into repairing old cars.
  6. mostly people are awesome if you don’t have any expectations, or really low ones.
  7. don’t assume just because you pay for something you might get it. You”ll have to let me tell you my Alibaba story one day where I log 450$ USD, no wonder Yahoo is selling their shares in it.  @Marissa Meyer , 450$ of the 6.3 Billion is mine!

For comic relief I’ll add Kris to the new post notice! Let’s see if we can get the other side of the story.

Newsletter comments when I received a Eurocom email.

From: Jannie Muller (
Sent: 11 June 2012 11:08:46 PM

 Hi Yatin,

this innovation campaign is very nice, however.

I seem to be running into a support issues where I get no feedback, it’s of little use to get customers and not support them. Or sell thepoint “fully upgradeable” when I haven’t been able to get contact from Eurocom.

See email below

Subject: Initiation to join Innovation campaign by Eurocom_ 10000 students, 50 universities, 500+ companies, 200+ resellers expected to join! Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 09:16:04 -0400From: yjain@eurocom.comTo:

Hello, I am Yatin Jain working at Eurocom Computers. We build fully upgradable, high performance driven computer notebooks and in 2012 wants to celebrate 25 years of our existence by creating value for our partners- customers, resellers, retailers, suppliers and promotional partners.   We are planning to launch a global campaign on “green technology and innovation practices in several industry segments”. It will include launch of an e-magazine featuring innovation factor of engineering companies, corporates, government clients; research report of faculty and students; several discount offerings; distribution of freebies; gaming contents, appointment of campus ambassadors in universities etc.

Almost 10,000 students and 50 universities are expected to sign up for this campaign, 500+ companies, 200+ resellers and retailers will be listed. In short we offer these exclusive promotional and marketing opportunities to our partners; not only in North America but in emerging economies such as India and China. In India alone, we have a network in around 200 universities.

In 21st century visibility and community building is a key and this campaign may bring you some free promotion anyways if you don’t have a client base in these parts of the globe. All promotional material and our website will carry partners’ logo etc.

Associating with the campaign may not directly suit your partnership arrangements but will definitely be mutually rewarding to complement each other business operations. Please get back to me if this interests you and we can have a conference call to discover more opportunities.

Thanks for your time and have a great weekend!


Yatin Jain| Account Manager | Eurocom Corporation | 1.877.EUROCOM  Ext – 7966| 1.613.656.7966


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