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DNA Storage

I find the DNA topic very interesting.

In some video which I think was part of the Ancient Aliens series which included Erich von Daniken mentioned the storage possibility of DNA, our DNA has the ability to store petabytes of data.

It’s also a self replicating and healing mechanism. To some extent…

There is also a unique pair \ protein in DNA that makes humans human. I’m not sure what the name is but it’s very unique to us. It’s believed to be the specific gene implanted  by the Annunaki which really made us into the modern-day man.

Based on that information I work on an idea for a book some time ago. It was based around the reptillian agenda and new world order a unique aspect to this book was the real reason behind the creation of man.

Most people believe that this was in face mining for gold , again according to the planet X theory.

In the book I took the uniqueness of DNA, the real agenda behind humanity was not gold but was harvesting and storing data in humans, this comes from the fact that only around 5% of our DNA makes us, it accounts for growth  and design of our organs, the rest of the DNA in our bodies are refer to as junk DNA.

THe book goes into how the “aliens” choose to upgrade our DNA to store data, they would hide the data here in us on earth in order to keep the data from real “alien” enemies, for example you can liken it to good aliens like the Galactic federation VS the guys from Orion if you are into the Law Of One material.

So since the data is the hidden in mankind which is a biological organism, the surprize is that given the biological storage of the data in us it becomes part of us, this is a side effect not known to the “aliens” thus during their time away from our planet we evolved, from the prehistoric man to today, modern man.

The data that they tried to hide from other aliens became biologically part of us and is exposed via the subconscious and most of all, dreams and other out-of-body experiences.

The finale in the book idea, which I would have loved to make a movie off, is when the ultimate baddy is contacted by himself from a parallel universe, since you will always take advice if it’s given to your by yourself he decided to modify his agenda using his power in the new world order.

The royal bloodline used they hereditary in order to create self encrypting system in their DNA that is perfected of years and years. Thus you have the bloodline singled out by aliens, the reason for this was that the data storage was very succesful in this bloodline, and this bloodline continued to receive preference from the aliens of the years.

However, this bloodline became enlightened due to the data stored in them that became part of them, they had an immense ability to tap into their subconscious , i.e. the golden dawn.

In the end, they became the custodians of the data, the story of the universe in within them stored biologically and DNA, they then proceed to become 7th density with this data they restored balance in the universe due to their humble beginnings as prehistoric man, they have soul which the aliens didn’t.

Something like that.

Since my sci-fi interest in the topic, I REALLY enjoyed this


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