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About myself and everyone else.

Every now and then a little thing called life happens

From 2005 to 2011  I’ve been on a journey reading tons of new age books and gathering info.

It was quite wonderful but then I decided to leave the race around the 2012 period, mostly due to getting involved with bunch of wonderful people who are building a survival bunker in South Africa. It’s pretty cool, however there is one aspect which I’ve trusted in thus far in my life. It didn’t feel to awesome and I’m having much more fun if I don’t have to fear, especially now since I’m not living in South Africa anymore.

It was a bit much for me.

However as life would have it I found a refreshing guide back into the weird and wonderful of our humble, or not so humble human origin. This time the information is provided in nice and concise 30 + hours with of documentary done by Michael Tsarion. Never has there been a viewpoint which I enjoyed this much. He also has a refreshing and not always positive or happy camper outlook, David Willcock is a bit too happy for me sometimes. Life is not all good 🙂 if one promise just a fun journey with no problems there are bound to be surprises which you won’t be ready to deal with.

The wonderful thing I find life is that it’s not just about reading material, you can practice what you read. I find so often that music plays a major part in life. I thoroughly enjoy spotify for that reason . I’ve been listening to tons of music that I’ve never heard before. It’s a bit of a struggle finding good related classical music but the classics are awesome. Then there is the music from the 60-80s, who knew Nancy sang so beautiful or who knew Lee Hazelwood had an awesome voice. I was born after the 80’s I’ve never heard this.

Today I found this excellent song

When you are awake it’s great to hear these songs.

It’s weekend almost, this week was great, tons of new age stuff which I haven’t seen before. A couple of new bands which vibrate to my tune.

The biggest thing that will I’ll ponder about is the apple logo. Sure Mr Steve Jobs worked at the apple farm and based on the book and many stories this is where the apple comes from, but then again who really knew him.

I find it interesting, that the apple, in mythology so frequently tied to the tree of knowledge has a bite in it. Did Steve insinuate that he had taken a bite and earned the wisdom therein. Is the multi colored apple a reference to the chakras, the natural vibrations of awareness and the focus point of the tree of life as per the cabala.

Who knows.



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