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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Why we are poor.

I am indeed talking money. I’m not talking about morals, that’s for another post. We are poor because everyone wants to be rich 🙂 It’s the exact same reason why … Continue reading

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Codex Gigas

Unfortunately there is not a translated edition available to this. It would be pretty awesome to read the content.  

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kick back and rel…

I was just about to do that when I took the 30 minutes or so that I deem worth watching television when I turned on the television on Black gold, … Continue reading

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American War propaganda.

This form of advertising and war propaganda will hit the US subway soon. So let’s ignore the slogan, but WTF is this support  Israel… Honestly . If you don’t know what I’m … Continue reading

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How china fix unemployment.

Instead of forking out money for robots to do automated work you can get people to do it. Based on the article an individual has to make a part … Continue reading

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What did Hitler know that we don’t

The other day I was watching “Auschwitz” the final solution on National Geographic. In terms of television its hardcore, the fact that it really happened is really so extreme that … Continue reading

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