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What did Hitler know that we don’t

The other day I was watching “Auschwitz” the final solution on National Geographic.

In terms of television its hardcore, the fact that it really happened is really so extreme that I’d much rather believe in Santa than to believe this something like this could happen.

But we should note on thing in terms of this spectacle.

This happened during the first years of “electronic” media. Phones , television, it was all new in this century.

I believe this is obviously a big reason for us knowing about it. In many other cases around the world many more people were killed, we can take the native tribes killed to almost extinction in South America and we have the native Americans. Obviously in WW2 it was industrialized and the machines made it all more cold than normal gun battles, in many countries children have been killed as part of some collateral , this goes all the way back to the biblical first-born(taking it literal, first born actually refers to a specific race). Just because Hitler did it was definitely not saying it’s been the first time it had happened.

But let’s take a step back into the future.

Today, modern America.

In America greater than 90% of all the money belongs to a couple of individuals most of which are Zionists, if you look at the stock exchange or Berlin, 1200 of of 1400 employees are jewish. In terms of the IMF, JP Morgan, Federal Reserve.

If the trillions of dollars of the debt burden was placed on mankind due to a corrupt financial system which is mostly run by Zionists it raises questions.

Monsanto (which is linked to dodgy dealings in terms of financial exploitation, the GM modifications, etc. )  is also part of this world power.

There are many that did some good research into this such as David Icke, the guys from Kymatica, Zeitgeist etc.

As I was sitting on my couch watching the program and switching between the Keiser Report on RT. I wondered…

If there are some atrocities to come such as to economic collapse, world war as Israel taunts Iran, famine.

What if Adolf Hitler knew this, what if he knew that what he did was in fact the best solution for a future problem which the world is facing now. Jesus had to be crucified and it was to save man kind. I don’t believe for one second that people could surmise what went on inside Hitlers mind.

We should not forget that Hitler never actually killed many people himself. Neither did Pontius Pilatus hang Jesus himself. It was driven by instruction and perhaps the global subconscious knowing of times that is to come.

Hitlers motives are debatable , however the real world control by mostly Zionist organizations or affiliates are very real.

I used to work in the online gambling industry a company owned by Jews with great foothold that 90+% of the world market. In my experience, their influence and power is a very real thing not to be underestimated.

It makes you wonder, if Auschwitz could be justified, what is in store for the rest of humanity.


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