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How china fix unemployment.

Instead of forking out money for robots to do automated work you can get people to do it.

Based on the article an individual has to make a part every 20 seconds to push out five a minute. Then if you take a 10 hour shift and 60 minutes in that hour you basically have a person get to work, repeat the same function 3000 times and then leave.

That is what I call a job for a robot,

The problem with that is what do you do with the millions of people that are now out of work ?

I reckon the people should just do their own thing. Find a way to break out of the system, another trouble is that I definitely incorrectly assume that just because you earn 40$ a day you have no risks attached, nothing to lose etc. The thing is that these people don’t, somehow they managed to put themselves in a position where they are not free and this renders them unable to break out from the system.

I do the same thing every day, the same technology but the tasks are random. If a job becomes too much of the same I quit to do something else. In China \ Bangladesh \ Pakistan there is nothing else to go to. This is a problem created by government. Sure everyone is an entrepreneur but in a 10 hour day and 40$ it leaves very little room. The government is not expanding the variety of jobs through natural grow and investment in technology \ manufacturing and education for the people mostly because of the foreign investment into the factories without which they will hit a brick wall without the infrastructure in place.

-1 for dodgy governments.

-1 for foreign investment.


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