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kick back and rel…

I was just about to do that when I took the 30 minutes or so that I deem worth watching television when I turned on the television on Black gold, or some or the other discovery channel production of a bunch of college dropouts , a step child , a girlfriend naturally one of the other crew members sister and a delinquent grand parent on the journey to wait.

queue the dramatic music

a SEARCH FOR GOLD in the bearing sea!

This is obviously the next best thing since the crab fishing blokes lost some crew members and ice road truckers are having a bit of a thaw down in Fiji.

Our entertainment is now an example what would happen to the world when someone with the IQ and Vanity of Kim Kardasian is left with just enough finance for ONE MORE season! cut throat bob this is the one, blimey!

So we have tom, disk and harry digging up the world with their own gold ventures. At this point I’m not going down the tangent of how countries can get sucked dry by conglomerates like the De Beers mining in South Africa but now these guys can do it.

We cannot comprehend yet the negative effects of this on scraping seabeds. As if my weekend wasn’t turned up enough because of this my monday morning paper revealed that everyone is jumping for the rare earth minerals on the new revealing icecaps.

Obviously Japan needs a foot in the door here and the US, since China’s boycott for that little contested pearl that Japan sold to the US for their missile base. In ALL of the above there is no one, not a single person of professional institution that has the balls, but more so the finance to make a difference to try to put in a word for the world. We are chopping , digging and burning and squeezing it dry with no recourse on those involved. I’m strangely thinking of the scene from Lord of the Rings where Saruman mm anyways with his Orcs and their little factory.

But upon all this down and dreary weary stuff I also read the article on the internet waking up.

Now hopefully if the internet does wake up, which obviously can’t come soon enough. But if it does wake up I hope that it can comprehend the calamity that we will have if someone don’t pitch for the earth’s team.

I hope that the internet can realize that it has no use for money and would not continue to destroy the planet. But then again a self-correcting system would also would have no need for us.

What if the internet can read my blog 😛

Save us! no seriously.



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