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Why we are poor.

I am indeed talking money. I’m not talking about morals, that’s for another post.

We are poor because everyone wants to be rich 🙂 It’s the exact same reason why someone would cut right infront of you while you are driving and the is enough space between you and the next car. It’s the race that we think if I turn up first at work that it will make any significance to life.

Financially this is a broad area. In my opinion the poor that I’m talking about is the ninety nine percent.

As long as the individual is so occupied that he cares more about himself than the whole this problem will exist. The evil that we know today is because of the exact same reason. Each piece of an organism is of the same quality as the whole, the is no part that is less important.

Human greed is again brought to light in F. William Engdahl’s interview on that BP has already bought land and setup oil drilling and refineries of the coast of the US. But they can’t get top dollar for this because of middle eastern supply. Thus if they can limit the supply from the east they could double and triple their money.

So I’m sure it can be expected to play out just like the 911 setup.

But while the rest of the world go down in flames, let the plebs cut in front off one another in traffic. As long as we are divided like that we are screwed.

Look at occupy, a year later and have they moved from a mob into a professional institution with actual rights and liberties ?


They are still the mob that runs around with sticks and plagues written on homeless cardboard with what looks like their own feces in some cases.

If the Mormons could dig up some “imaginary” gold and silver tablets from which the book of mormon was transcribed and couple of hundred years later they have millions of followers and MOST-MOST-MOST of all in this world, a healthy bank account to get stuff done.

They have more followers that believe in opinion that was written down as opposed to very real financial depression that we face now.

But yet. There is no leadership, start and company, you already have millions of followers, charge for the free coffee or soup or get donations but get some cashflow going in a country and method which is not VISA, since you don’t want to end up like Wikileaks.

Once you have some finance then pitch for the political arena. At this point , the OWS is the only single world body that can create a one world party with representatives from all nations. A New world Order. (Sorry got carried away there).

OWS encompass values which we want to see corrected, in-balance in wealth distribution and allocation of that where necessary, after all the bank is the government and it’s not that institutions are bad, but it is dodgy individuals that run them.

My point is that there was movements like OWS in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, just listen to David Bowie and the beat’less , j/k I fancy the Beatles. They didn’t succeed because individual wanted to make it their own, on your own you get assassinated like JFK.  Be like water shapeless because only then can you move without constraint and by the way, Bruce Lee was a major new age follower and has reinvented himself multiple times as he became “enlightened” while in the western world. It also cost him.

I don’t feel better , no.  Not until some person with balls , sort this nonsense out. The only figure at the moment that have my support on this, at lease on a metaphysical level is Vladimir Putin. Go for it, take on the world, it’s about time someone has the courage.

Actually I do feel a bit better now.

Really good site below from F William Engdahl, I haven’t heard of him till last night, but thus is the rabbit hole , full of wonderful things. The hole obviously to small to turn around in, you have to follow it through.

I’d pay top dollar to sit down with President Putin, it’s a pity I don’t speak Russian. I think his cover on time has been ingrained into my subconscious.



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