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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Ron Paul

I was browsing youtube to see if I can find any news relating to Sandy by Dutchsinse when I found this It’s an interview in 1988 with Ron Paul. … Continue reading

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Who is Dave Fishwick

I was getting my¬†updates on Super Sandy when the bit of media aired on about Dave’s Bank. So Dave made some money and decided that since the banks … Continue reading

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“Russia is America’s nr1 Geopolitical enemy”

This is a quote from Mitt Romney. Then I listened to this interview. Interesting that the biggest uranium producer in the world i.e. Russia, is mining on American soil. More … Continue reading

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Gantt Chart report – revisited.

I made a post about 1 year ago about building a Gantt chart to have a look at SQL jobs or anything with a start date and duration to see … Continue reading

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Swing (States) when you are winning.

*yawn* Interesting debate. It’s really wonderful how the debate is presented and the control exercised by both candidates. They are definitely nice and calm , although I’d be a … Continue reading

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Jagged Alliance

A couple of months ago this made a comeback. This is not a spinoff of the original but the real deal. I’ve completed the campaign several times with different strategies … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t write down everything you think

I can’t believe no one has coined the term. Obamanation i.e. Abomination

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The Vagina Chronicles

I was reading this article on one of my favorite websites, I’ve added my 2$ … inflation.   To be fair, if the book is anything like the article … Continue reading

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I was happily browsing along having my lunchtime surf when I saw this. to which I replied the below I’m not sure where the facts are taken from in … Continue reading

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I wish I could explain it baby

Sitting around doing some work plugged in to spotify listening to something a bit different and I tuned onto Will Smith. Nice career, but that’s not the point. I was … Continue reading

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