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I wish I could explain it baby

Sitting around doing some work plugged in to spotify listening to something a bit different and I tuned onto Will Smith.

Nice career, but that’s not the point.

I was listing to his song “tell me why” Will Smith – Tell Me Why I remembered that I wanted to make a post.

Last weekend as I was moving the lawn. yup. There I’ve said it, I prefer to mow my own lawn. It’s also not a sexual reference. I’m referring the the green grassy bit that surrounds my house. As I was moving the lawn , which is a  bit of a pain with the knockoff mower only 30cm wide it takes ages to do the lawn and I was taking a cliche break with a cold juice while staring over my fence into the road.

Cyclists fancy the road where I live, it’s pretty peaceful and mostly quiet. I don’t fancy cyclists for many reasons like they can’t decided when they are a cyclist, a car, or a pedestrian. Not to mention the fact that they drive in the middle of the road.

Given my feelings I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit when I watch them dodging magpies. It eventually became the best part of my day watching cyclists zig-zag across the road while with one hand tries to chase the bird away. I have a motorbike, so I know what they feel like. But then again, a motorbike is too fast for them to keep up, it’s only when I slow down that I get swooped so to speak.

That was on Saturday, on Tuesday a person from the council came around our house with a clip board, collar tie and a motive.

Council person : “Do you have any problems with magpies in this area”.

Reply : “Not really”

(We lived in Australia, there you have to wear your hat so by comparison we didn’t find it a problem where we live now)

So, as it turns out the council person was there to determine the scope of the problem. As it turns out, the council will put down traps to kill them.

Just like that.

Let’s kill nature because some executive co!@#ck don’t want to be interrupted during his weekend cycle. It must have been a cyclist that complained since it’s a farming area sparsely populated.

It’s like having someone close to you die.

It’s an extremely strange feeling, they were there the one day and now they are gone. No amount of bitching to anyone will change it. Neither would crying, or spending insurance money or looking at pictures.

It’s gone and life goes

How many accidents involve magpies.

How many accident cyclists.

Somehow the cyclists are still around.

Perhaps I should go around to homes with a clip board and see if I can get cyclists to drive in the cycling lane or better, wear compulsory lights for dusk, it’s NZ. It’s dusk all the time. Give way to cars. etc. etc.

But just because a magpie can’t stand up for itself, it dies.

-1 for NZ upper hutt council and NZ conservation. On the one hand they save kiwi’s to Mana island and whatnot but kill Magpies.

Nice one for being consistent.


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