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I was happily browsing along having my lunchtime surf when I saw this.

to which I replied the below

I’m not sure where the facts are taken from in the opening statement there but to large extent NZ has remained isolated during recessions.

This is a large part of the reason why I moved to NZ in the first place.

Printing more money would not be a good things as the greens are wanting. This would be a “let’s follow suite” to the rest of the world and end up along with Ben Bernanke and insolvent america.

Do not lower taxes further for foreign investors because it’s exactly the foreign owned companies the bleed the country dry of all it’s resources and the CEO’s golden parachute out of NZ leaving the work force without jobs and the country physically poor. Just look at the colonization of the 3rd world and decades later still in recovery.

NZ has everything society needs to be “healthy” it has potential for agriculture, health and education. We should focus on small start-ups with truly local origins. Most of business in NZ is SMEs it should be grown organically and rewarded.

On the other hand, we do not require mass imports for materialistic reasons, individuals who prefer to import goods not available should be taxed (GST) accordingly but only on that which NZ cannot manufacture. The money leaving NZ due to this sort of importing is fractional compared to millions of tons of raw resource such as wood which get tiny dividends. The dividends doesn’t not equal the impact of deforestation etc. Individuals don’t always realized this and government needs to be in control here.

In terms of major requirements such as imports for energy sectors, we have enough geothermal energy in order to run electric trains on a permanent basis if some money is push into this sector such as public transport. A better public transport systems, not only train but safer cycle lanes and pedestrian access would reduce a requirement for importing of mass produced Chinese vehicles, again, massive amounts of wealth leaving the country for something that would rust and require a WOF every 6 months. (Unless the bill is passed for 12 month) but again, greedy WOF issuing companies are fighting this as it affects bottom line which has become an expectation for the greedy.

With sustainable agriculture very few companies would be able to compete with the variety of NZ and it should suffice for exports. We have little exposure to general crop disease due to isolation.

This is only a few points, I haven’t even covered NZ’s ability of creative industry and tourism. These are major sectors. Also you have a tiny country which could be brought online into the information age where we are surprisingly 3rd world by international comparison. Young IT companies are charged a fortune for international bandwidth which limits growth. This is purely done in or to get top $ and greed, we physically are capable in our infrastructure to do improve this.

NZ is a country small enough to be an example of how change can be implemented in an efficient fashion. People are open minded as long as they trust those making the suggestions, if it’s a million dollar company wanting to invest naturally I’d also have my suspicions. Just look at Goldman Sachs, Barclays and other banking scandals. We don’t need that.

People need less to be “happy” than what politicians and capitalists claim they do.

I won’t aim to overtake Australia. Australia has a mining industry many times greater than NZ. Once it runs dry foreign investment will ditch Aus like it’s hot and move on to Papa New Guinea , o wait it already happened. Next mining companies will probably scrape seabeds for diamonds and other precious metals.

Let’s not get into sinking ship that is the western world.

Protecionist economy. In the 1950’s they were a  great country leading up to recession 1970’s and then this changed the economy. IMHO they should have just stuck it through instead of selling out.

NZ in the poorer areas reminds of me of Boksburg, Alberton in South Africa close to Johannesburg. You can see the remnants of major growth during the 70-80’s and then suddenly a major decline in everything. Most shops in these areas are shut down and abandoned. This is also the case in NZ, older manufacturing plants have closed down due to cheaper imports and inability to compete against the subsidizes Chinese manufacturing arms where living standards are super bad!.

It’s interesting how a blight like these countries such as China,Indonesia,Haiti, India etc. spread to “good” countries and pull them down into the abyss.



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