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I was reading this article on one of my favorite websites,

I’ve added my 2$ … inflation.


To be fair, if the book is anything like the article I won’t buy it. Let me expand that.


A whole lot is written down but nothing is said, there is no punch it’s all diplomatic exactly how a woman would write it.


Men on the other hand made his place in this world. They did not come to power by going in a round-about way what they feel, touchy feely, they fought bravely for the power that they have.


Having said that, the role of where woman are today is not a new issue, the reason why woman are where they are is because it’s as much a world agenda like oil, money and other forms of control. Emotion clouds “logical” thinking and planning. It delays projects and compromise judgement.


Neither do I think men is on an “emotional” level where they want to be, their full emotional potential. They just don’t have the time to sit and write articles about it. They use that lack of emotion as a stimulant and motivation for working toward power, since with power comes all those pleasurable experiences , whether it’s paid for or sincere. This is why there is no end to greed. Because not all the money can solve an emotional deficit. There is plenty fancy science to back it up but in reality it’s very straight forward.


I would love more influence of woman in the world today. There would be less war and less corruption due to a maternal instincts to protect and nurture. Woman naturally also have an ability to grasp longer term goals, holistic thinking and have many traits where men fall short.


I could go and publish a book about this and many people have done so.


The current “role” of woman is due to ancient systems put in place. If you think it’s a modern thing you are very far off solving the problem. And aside from making other woman feel warm and fuzzy plus some dollars in your bank account you are not solving the problem.


America won’t be able to invade countries if females were involved. Having said that, Merkel in power is one woman, Gillard etc. This is but a few. I’m not talking only politicians but top CEO’s etc. are all men.


It’s the strength of a woman such as intuition , love, care and understanding that’s their demise.


You are looking at the issue in isolation. Your opinion is that it’s a by-product of something. It’s not it’s an agenda.



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