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Jagged Alliance

A couple of months ago this made a comeback.

This is not a spinoff of the original but the real deal. I’ve completed the campaign several times with different strategies and it’s enormous fun.  You can respec when you start each char and really have the freedom to do what you want.

The storyline doesn’t suck too badly but since the gameplay is great who worries about the story. You are the story, you make your own special events.

Then a couple of days ago I found an online version.

I would appear to have been the same code base that was jimmied through the unity 3d washing machine and came out as a 3d online game. This is really great.

There was a lot of thought put into this. It’s not a game that was designed to reach a deadline or budget. The campaign is good, the amount of weapons, the players, the leveling and reputation system.

It feels like there is more than a casual gamer may dream for.

The interface could perhaps be the only “flaw” but given that it allows pretty much anyone with a browser to play it, I’m sure it’s something that will be improved as games like this drive the capability of browser based 3d games.


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