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Swing (States) when you are winning.


Interesting debate.

It’s really wonderful how the debate is presented and the control exercised by both candidates. They are definitely nice and calm , although I’d be a penny for their thoughts.

Mitt, I’m not sure, I enjoyed the first debate but I get the feeling he is like an old manager at a company I used to work for. He says an awful lot but he is not really saying anything. He takes the first 30 seconds to bollocks around with getting personal with those asking questions and thank you thanks … thanking people. Honestly, not to mention the repeats.

Obama, I like the finger-pointing , it’s a good touch. I also like the idea of getting more tangible values, Mitt jumps between 3.5 and 4 million unemployed between debates. He initially also didn’t mention the manufacturing revamp that was Obama but he made it his own for the remainder of the debate.

Aside from the wonderful presentation I think both have their heads up their own arse.

Government don’t regulate trade. The international WTO does that, before you can change anything you need to jump through hoops and get sign-off by members of the WTO and since that now includes Russia I don’t think American will be able to bully it as per normal so I definitely won’t promise anything in that department.

Bringing manufacturing of Apple to America. THAT WOULD NEVER work. Never, ever. That’s just a dumb remark on both of their parts. Mitt is on about cheating blah blah, see my WTO argument. Even if China don’t artificially inflate their currency it won’t change a thing. China can treat their people like #!@%$ because they can, simply put. If an American was content with earning 5$ a day then sure close foxcon and bring apple to America. Before  Foxcon were doing apples bidding they were building for IBM.

Obama’s reply is just as dumb, high tech jobs. Honestly this is not simcity where you just farm out the @#$ you don’t like to a neighbor  We have real people unskilled in america they can’t or won’t be able to educate. Where are they in the grand plan and even if you can educate everyone, who is going to take out the garbage, who is going to do the dirty jobs? Then again currently that’s professors doing that since they rather do that than be unemployed. High tech is not the way. A whole lot of people don’t want to get skilled in tech, because tech jobs simply don’t allow for casual people, those people who just kind of float around in life and work when they want to , those who don’t have a drive for materialistic things, you offer nothing to them.

The AK47 debate, monkey-see-monkey do. You cannot convey the ideals of being “good” with guns and expect you nation to do the same if you bomb other people in between condemning local violence.

Benghazi , this was to provoke more influence in foreign nations, leave diplomats in countries in order to diplomatic missions or whatever they do, try to convince and undermine local governments like they did in South America. You got kicked out there because of exactly that it also led for most of those countries to nationalize businesses and kick out america completely.

Both of them bring up the people who are left high and dry without work, veterans with hand outs and food stamps.

Mr Obama, if you didn’t have Ben Bernanke on the team you would do much better financially. Sort out the banking systems and taxes will work out itself, Mitt should incentive’s investment companies to invest local and not in those Chinese companies, that’s a good way to get local businesses going.  American business is betting outside america because they don’t believe in it. If those business had to put their money where their mouths are and invest where they reside, local they would create major stimulus instead of having to tax rich, their invest local.

They should have similar to sanctions that they have for Iran , which they can obviously decide on over night for US companies exploiting cheap labor in India and Indonesia where people are treated like crap .

No person can promise anything as long as there is integration to international regulations or countries at play. Simply because you cannot control them, you could , by bombing them and overthrowing those governments to put your own man behind the podium but those things take years to achieve, if you try and do it to fast then you have another arab spring where people and the world sharpen up to what you are doing.

Don’t build additional schools or struggle with medicare, the problem is not that, the problem is there is no community.

Mitt talking about being involved in Christian community, terrible. Religion just kills people, he was also sitting on the other side of the pew, he wasn’t the one out of work and out of a home,  he was on the side that was just doing fine.

Nobama, his history has always been a bit dodgy. So I can’t say.

However, if I was Obama, I’d open a can of whoopass on America.




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