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“Russia is America’s nr1 Geopolitical enemy”

This is a quote from Mitt Romney.

Then I listened to this interview.

Interesting that the biggest uranium producer in the world i.e. Russia, is mining on American soil.

More info about the company – more interesting than that you can also read about . Which is the biggest producer of Uranium. It’s also 47% privately owned. You can also spot the Russian Vadim Zhivov which is both president of Uranium one and the Russian State owned .

Also interesting that

America is spending more than ever on their Nuclear program .

More financial news on Uranium One.

So a far fetched conclusion,

If the US was the cause of the Japan disaster, i.e. fukushima and Germany pulling out of the Nuclear market. Was this an attempt by the US in order to “scare” the public and the use of nuclear energy. By doing so uranium producers such as ARMZ , Rosatom and Uranium , with developments all over the world such as Australia,Canada, America , South Africa and Russia maybe they are trying to decrease the demand in order for America to get cheaper prices for Uranium.

Would this balance their Nuclear budget and is Iran and it’s Nuclear ordeal also a part of this.

Other articles.

It’s a bit of a link heavy post but I hate to duplite blogs.


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