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Who is Dave Fishwick

I was getting my updates on Super Sandy when the bit of media aired on about Dave’s Bank.

So Dave made some money and decided that since the banks are corrupt that he will be starting his own bank. Since I looked at starting a bank before I thought this would be rather cool to dig into the subject a little more and to find out what Dave is actually offering.

To my disappointed though.

So I emailed him.

Subject : you’re doing it wrong , again

Dear Dave,

I think this is an awesome idea, but you are doing in wrong fundamentally.

I saw a quick advert on and since I tried to make a bank myself I thought it’s great that someone else have done it! Here is why I say you are doing it wrong.If you follow any of the major financial media, Max Keizer, William F Engdhal and Mike Maloney you can get info on how we got into the banking mess in the first place.

You company is based on individualism, but Dave, what happens when you expand, you only have 24 hours in a day to shake hands and you can only shake so many. I don’t want to shake a branch clerks’ hand. I want to shake the “Dave’s” hand. That’s just a simple problem.

THe bigger problem in my opinion is 5% interest, our monetary system is poked because you create money out of thing air, interest, residuals, 10% reserve, no backing to anything but  paper. That is the problem here of finance.  Not being a number. Virgin money does a great job and doing the “personal thing” but it’s still a bank.

I don’t want interest on my money because that 5% has to be pulled out of thin air. If someone wants to cash in their 5% at the end of the day we will need to print more money in devalue what you have so your 5% is really worth less now.

I’m all for what you are doing but doing it right. The idea is right but get away from anything that smells bank. including interest. If you loan money, loan because you believe in a person’s ability to create something and take a piece of the profit in the long run. Put the profit in the piggy bank for that rainy day or something.

Build – Relationships, communities, farming, infrastructure, be big in all ways that a bank can’t be because they are constraint (DBA Typo) *constrained by margins and tit-for-tat percentages and filling shortfalls with admin fees.

What will come of this bank. I’m not sure, it’s based in GBP so that’s a problem. I would take plastic tokens instead of GBP as long as most vendors accept them. A complete electronic currency would be interesting. I’m not sure how one would back that up with, maybe unicorns and candy floss clouds and sugar lumps.

That’s the problem with money, it’s artificial it’s only there to facilitate trade, 90% of what everyone need is the same. Maybe we should have separate currencies for items we want to buy. Perhaps based loosely on Mitt Romneys credits. You have grocery credit, electronic credits and , health credits.

i.e if you are unskilled, sorry for you, you only get grocery credits, thus you can’t spend you money on TV’s a let you kids die of hunger. If you want a big screen TV, then you need to get TV credits somehow, or alternatively you should get a small portion of credits of everything in order for you to save. How is this different from money, simple it force people to save, people who can’t save. It satisfies basic needs first, to live and be healthy.

The problem is that the parent who was doing to by the TV is now going to buy 1000 credits worth of Big Macs instead of healthy food 🙂

Unless people change their attitudes and behaviour , goals and self-worth we will have a tricky time breaking out of the system.

But maybe with the help of like-minded individuals, like Dave perhaps. Who knows.

A link to Dave’s bank


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