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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

Practice what you preach

I have a slight chuckle at the typical irony of this. Not to mention the pun intended with the post title and speaking about Israel. It comes down to … Continue reading

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Prime Minister responsible for the death of soldiers

Prelude Let’s break this down. #1 A senior Taliban warlord suspected of being behind the IED bomb attack that killed three New Zealand soldiers has been killed, the Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Einsteins great power

According to Einsteins power was due to some regions over the brain being more developed. I don’t think thought is a consequence of increase brain matter. At least not Einsteins … Continue reading

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For a while I’ve been listening to this guy, Michael Tsarion The above links and URL has many hours of Video to watch. I would find it worth posting … Continue reading

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NZ Immigration

A couple of week ago I received a letter, well an email from Settlement Unit Settlement, Protection & Attraction Division Immigration New Zealand | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment New … Continue reading

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EMA – What a waste of time

I recorded the EMA. (Luckily I didn’t have to sit and watch it live) I thought it might just me falling out of the pop music of the times. I … Continue reading

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SQL Security

I’ve always wanted to care about SQL security but I never really had to get reaaally pedantic about it. I suppose I’ve been a bit lucky in that the security … Continue reading

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A wonderful day.

The world is such a magical place that I would completely be bummed if it were to go down in flame in less than 6 weeks time, I’m sure like … Continue reading

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Autobiography of a yogi

It’s been about a year since the release of the Steve Jobs biography. I believe heavily in mystical guidance that you can follow in your life to enrich it and … Continue reading

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Change is coming to America.

This was what I listened to in 2008. If I had known change were to be more bombing and foreign finger pointing and trying to overthrow local governments then I … Continue reading

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