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Interesting week.

Super storm in the US, and then there is Hurricane Sandy. I thought I’d offer my personal opinion to Mitt Romney since he obviously needed to use the storm for something. I’ve had no reply to my email I sent to their campaign suggestions so I figured it’s fallen on the barren sand that is scripted politics.

But just because it never went into their black box of campaign ideas I’ll share that here.

Nobama has been the brave lieutenant and the hurricane sure served her purpose for showing who is currently in control.

I figured Mitt needed an avenue into making the best use of the Hurricane without appearing to be exploiting it just for the sake of it.

My advice read something like this.

Don’t pitch an over the top condolences to those who was affected with Sandy, Mitt seems to be more interested in as thank-a-thon then in the actual debate, (see the debate for more detail, it refers to Mitt still being busy thanking bob and his uncle 37 seconds into a 2 minute limit on answering America’s questions.

Right so that we are past that point let’s start talking about why our American infrastructure is so old, railways, electricity and public transport is old. Candidates are quick to say let’s put some money in the pockets of average americans, how about let’s put some time in their pockets also. Much of our lives are wasted spending literally waiting for things to happen, waiting for the bus to arrive or waiting for the train on the station. This is when everything is going well.

Let’s look at spending some money on improving these systems to be at the forefront of technology,  technology doesn’t just have to be limited to what you can hold in your hand and play video.

Not only is technology limited to transport, we definitely pay a premium for older electrical equipment. This range from the transformers all the way to generation and consumption of electricity, this was briefly touched by Nobama.

By taking some time to think about our infrastructure we can save time people spending travelling and the cost of it. We can also save money by lowering costs of basic services such as electricity , gas and water. These are the small things that affect millions of people and with more time and more money people can invest the time with their families and money on making ends meet.

That’s not scripted and it’s mostly true,

Unfortunately it won’t see the light of day, since GE is smiling all the way to the bank, well GE is the bank. It is very mytopian though which is nice 🙂

if only.

On other less political fronts, 

I finally finished reading my Steve Jobs biography. It’s worth reading. I can’t say much to do it justice. It’s a great book about a very enlightened being.

Then in terms of other reading material online I’m finding it really hard to get good articles with real meat to it.For a while I was really into it has some good articles and some good credits behind the items.

I like to stay up to date with current affairs but I’m finding the news, Google, Yahoo,RT, Reuters pretty much just that, very buzz word oriented. It’s also very fragmented. There is no real follow through on the topics. I suppose it’s news. BBC and CNN, I’ve long stopped using that, that’s too scripted sometimes with footage from years ago or reruns of footage for different stories. Just really inaccurate.

I don’t like Reddit, it’s like FB for geeks. There is very little  substance to it. As you can see on the image.

So where to from here, where do I find that grey matter stimulating story.

I’m really doing to be that strange guy that brings his kindle or paperback to work because there is nothing good on the web to read, then again most good sites I’ve only discovered by chance, so I’ll just have to be less link averse and click-through more often than not.

Fun times.

New Scientist is fun but the good stuff isn’t free.

Then again, I find myself going back to Wikipedia, that is pretty good and always great as a fallback for pretty much anything.






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