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Change is coming to America.

This was what I listened to in 2008.

If I had known change were to be more bombing and foreign finger pointing and trying to overthrow local governments then I probably wouldn’t have had that smile on my face. For that same reason I’m still unsure of Nobama.

They sure know how to write them…

Obviously Mitt didn’t win because he didn’t take me up on my advise for infrastructure reform in America. I’ll probably have to send the link to those who won and see if they can do something about it.

On the obvious news. Another 4 years of Nobama. Only the future will tell, however if it’s anything like this victory speech- it will be pretty awesome.

He has definitely had a toast master lesson or two. Even during the debates, Mitt wasn’t really a charismatic or vocal match for Obama, he appeared rattled is if he needed to defend. If you need to defend something to that extent it’s probably hitting a nerve.

Back to the victory speech, in 2008 the buzzwords “hope”,”change. Like I said that put a smile on my face.

This speech did more, at least in this speech he didn’t promise stuff like closing down of Bradley Manning’s retreat in Guantanamo.

Take the 20 minutes to listing to it, it does sound a bit like the can of whoopass that I was referring to in one of my posts.

I can only hope that he can make the change he intended to in the first place. Maybe Nobama can be a YesBama, but doesn’t really work out or sound fun.

The speech was pretty awesome.

In terms of advice for the next candidate that will come round in the next four years. Campaign now, don’t hide until it’s election time. At Mitt’s rate you can spend 250 million of the next four years to equal his campaign. I always laugh how in every country come election time they nominees climb out of where ever they’ve been hiding to fight for the podium.

And, if you are going to campaign in states with an older population of American citizens, get your wife to wear a dress and not pants.

It must have been a speech written but different folks that did the debates since our good friend climate change was mentioned “sort of” when Obama referred to leaving the country for future generations. It would have been nice for Obama to mention that it’s also the responsibility for people to “Occupy” but Occupy the future in how you live today, a modern adaptation of Ghandi.

The fact that he pointed out that the people’s responsibility once voting is done was pretty good. I thought I briefly heard someone shout “O no he didn’t”, but in fact he did.

I like the implied mention that he used war in the past tense, pulling out would be great but they will need to find something for those soldiers to do in the states given the current unemployment, so it’s probably going to be out of Afghan and into Iran.

Only time will tell if Obama, becomes a yes man!



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