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Autobiography of a yogi

It’s been about a year since the release of the Steve Jobs biography.

I believe heavily in mystical guidance that you can follow in your life to enrich it and discover purpose, the purpose of course which can only be realized through the dissociation of purpose at all.

I’ve done this since a friend of mine introduced me to “the secret” which was more of a warm and fluffy presentation or dummies guide to more complex behavior on atomic level as pointed out recently by quantum physics.

From this period I followed other books like the dancing wu li masters, Stephen hawking , Michael Moore and more recently the law of one and the don Elkins work. I’ve also always enjoyed Deepak Chopra’s series and writings and on the more factual health items of society I often refer to Dr Mercola.

In the Steve jobs book he makes mention of the autobiography of a yogi, and it just so happens that a person who liked a post on my site . So I figured I’ll go an download it, so I easily found it on along with a whole bunch of books from Friedrich Nietzsche that I have on my list to read.

I’ve started reading it and I can tell that 1 chapter in it’s going to be a book that will be worth the time I spend reading it.

You can also follow that “inner” voice. Simple as it may sound, it starts with small things like when you put    your keys somewhere out of the ordinary and think, “MMm I’m going to forget where I put this” it usually happens. It’s not because you are crazy or that the world is co-incidental, it’s probably because it had already happened since time is perception and doesn’t really exist in other dimensions as we know it.



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