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A wonderful day.

The world is such a magical place that I would completely be bummed if it were to go down in flame in less than 6 weeks time,

I’m sure like many people I use auction sites. It’s  a great place to pick up a bargain and an even greater place to invite weirdos to your house. Fortunately for me. I’m the weirdo :). So I recently picked up a bath from a popular site.

Buying something that fits in your pocket is one thing but a bath is slightly more logistical. You have to arrange pickup and in some cases it would have been handy to have a second person to help with the lifting. I’m buying some baths to setup my aquaponic , for those who think this is easy in new zealand you have another thing coming. Unless you have tons of money to throw at commercial fishing licenses you can forget about it. You also don’t get the large amount of edible “native” fish like you do in Australia for instance. I’m slowly coming to the stark realization that NZ also bows to the queen in many ways but that’s digressing.


I went to grab a cup of coffee at this point writing the post, and I couldn’t help but think it looks like a galaxy, like the australian scientists have posited the the universe is more like liquid that melted as the big bang.

I was driving home one friday thinking about the coming weekend and the logistics of picking up a bath and not only that but to get money. I normally don’t carry notes on me, to be honest I don’t actually use money that much but that’s besides the point. As I was thinking of the extra step of swinging by an atm to draw some money I realised I need to fill with petrol. The gas station I use is an automated one on the side of the highway, it’s extremely time efficient since there are no coin counting or people asking for directions and 4 pay stations and 8 pumps. It’s pretty streamlined, however – it only takes FPOS \ VISA i.e. cards.

As I’m filling up a car stops and the driver comes to me to find out if the machines takes cash, notes. While I’m filling the car the guy turns around and gets in his car and starts it, me-being-me my thoughts are in the clouds but eventually I realize that I can help him out since he could use my pump and just give me the cash notes.

I beckoned him and we set about a trade agreement,I gave the most convicting glance I could muster while mentioning he should only use as much gas as what he gave me cash for and a nod of agreement from his side and thus money in pocket I left the station.

Once back on the highway and back in drive mode I figured I can cast my mind back into the bath dilemma.

Then a grin appears on my face as I realize that the world has just solved it. By me helping someone else.


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