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EMA – What a waste of time

I recorded the EMA. (Luckily I didn’t have to sit and watch it live)

I thought it might just me falling out of the pop music of the times. I can understand why after looking the the EMA. The show was really terrible, I fast forward to see Heidi Klum come on stage and be notably not host quality, she might be a model and apparently she is pretty smart but a host she is not.

Then I fast forward another couple of minutes to the see band fun. Never really heard of them and they are actually not bad by the 1 song and their performance.

I then proceeded to fast forward for a slight look at ludacris just because he has this really interesting style, this was followed by a brief backstage view of no doubt.

fast forward again.

I happened to stop fast forward just before Kim Kardasian tripped. After having a chuckle about that and the simple math of Kim’s weight concentrated on a high heel with a tip of probably around or less than 1 square centimetre and glossy disco floors you are looking for trouble.

fast forward again.

The band I’ve been waiting for MUSE. That was the only 5 minutes I really watched and enjoyed. I’m a big fan of MUSE. Their music is great, their live performances are awesome and they are big into new age.

Once MUSE finished I looked at the total recording time , I’ve fast forwarded through most of the 82 minutes at that point of the recording.

+1 for the ability to record TV and +10 for MUSE


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