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NZ Immigration

A couple of week ago I received a letter, well an email from

Settlement Unit
Settlement, Protection & Attraction Division
Immigration New Zealand | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
New Zealand
Web: |

The email was an invitation to a focus group hosted by Maven. Apparently Maven does market research of some sort and the focus group was specifically pertaining to the improvement of the process by which immigrants apply for VISAs, handle the process and paperwork and upon successful application settle in NZ society and become a hard-working tax paying individual under the flag of NZ.

I’ve completed this process and didn’t use the websites available that much, my comments was the brochures that was sent out are all to sales pitch oriented. By that time I’m already through the residency process. It features a glossy picture with the typical stock photo smiling family that are moving into their first house.

My personal picture also speaks a thousand words. Moving to NZ from Australia, even though I’m South African I don’t have the faintest idea about the relevant areas in the city. I can’t get valuable information accurately online that tell me which area I need to live in,in order to be in the catchment for the correct school. I also can’t enroll if I don’t have a lease or some of Address binding document, which by the way I cannot get until I’m sure where I want to live which is based on where my kids need to go to school, chicken-egg situation.

First week in New Zealand I couldn’t get paid because I had no tax #, this was easy enough to get but because the left arm or the government doesn’t know what the right arm is doing its two different processes and since these types of institutions operates during normal business hours I’m forced to go during my work hours of a newly started job.

The context below is what come out of the meeting, this was with several other people.

The countries of Origin, Vietnam, Malaysia(ICT Specialist), UK(Forensic Investigator),Ireland(Radiologist), Austria(1x Digital animation plus her spouse), Netherlands(l can’t remember but his wife is kiwi), Belarus (MBA) and myself South Africa (Diploma in programming + DBA for 10+ years)

The highly skilled program is flawed, significantly so.

First things first. In order to be a highly skilled migrant it implies tertiary education, this means that you have at least studied something and in order to have the correct amount of points to be accepted for the VISA you need 5 years plus on work experience for the norm. Basically what I’m getting at is the fact that you are probably heading on 25-30 by the time you can apply for the highly skilled, this is a minimum.

Problem 1 – You get the same brochures of NZ than the student VISA holder, the culture club and holiday spots and hangouts. I thought I was here to work ?

Problem 2 – Given that you have completed some years or study and some time in your trade in order to get accepted for a work visa this doesn’t get you a job. There are no incentives for a company to take on a foreigner, only risk. There are plenty of chancers out there who can take a company for a ride if they are not careful.

Problem 3 – Whether you are a student or a 35-year-old professional MBA holder you will both end up having uprooted yourself to come here only to have an interview with a recruitment agency’s blond bombshell who doesn’t know what an MBA is, or who don’t have the relevant incentive herself to try to move beyond prejudice and language barriers to get you a job, especially if you are a foreigner which recently has been labelled by the news as invading the local job market.

Problem 4 – Since there is no contingency by the government post VISA to ensure job placement the list stays long.

Problem 5 – Economy

  • A doctor (which we referred to as a GP in South Africa) i.e. 7 years of study earns from 25$ an hour and for the same qualification in Australia 60$
  • A friend of ours, who just completed her teaching degree, was told that 1 out of 25 of their class will get a job.

With the great depression NZ was largely unaffected due to their isolation , trade with Australia  and un-involvement in the rest of the world and as per Wikipedia they enjoyed one of the best living standards in the 1950s . In 1970 they abandoned their protectionist economy and what happened, nose dive. We are importing pears and fruit from the US while selling our own produce for top dollar in China.

I’ve got a job, so I’m ok. But I do my best to not be affected by the economy.

The consensus of the individuals at the meeting was,  (since we are all still here even though we complain).

NZ had a good past, it’s not heading the right way. Perhaps protectionism would be the way again, it will most definitely cultivate local. It will move the jobs currently in China back to NZ and solve the rising unemployment. As we move away from international we will be less affected by the USD which means a stronger NZD which means government can invest in upgrading infrastructure which in turn again builds the economy . This growth inevitably employ those not employed before and since you are not exporting all your local produce you can sell it local with a healthy growing population. NZ employed people should realize that in order to be really great, they only have to work a slight bit harder.

I’ve been a DBA for 10+ years, I change ways I’ve done things because I’ve grown. Politics and the economy should grow and change with this times.

How do you get this idea past those who have lined their pockets for so long, like the institutions kicking against the 6 monthly removal for the WOF.

Interesting links.

The focus group was good. I’m not quite sure if they got the info they wanted to design a new web portal and new brochures but it was nice to sit in a room with some people with interesting opinions.



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