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For a while I’ve been listening to this guy, Michael Tsarion

The above links and URL has many hours of Video to watch.
I would find it worth posting but as I read this morning on how Israel is violating UN treaties and killing at leisure. I wondered yet again why the UK, USA support them.
But then again, it’s an age of cult.
Israel which is borne from “Isis”  Moon, “Ra” Sun and “El” Saturn. It’s no wonder that this country slightly bigger than Fiji and the 41st GDP rank can rule the world.
Just crazy.
The worst thing is that you can bomb people who have nothing to do with it, you bomb children and their countries are in ruins, what future do you give them.
It would be so simple to live in peace, but words on a blog, what power does that have?
I don’t care much for conspiracy, at the end of the day blood and guts of civilians are real and that is the problem at hand. [edit]. I don’t care much for conspiracy all the probabilities of theory but I do believe some sort of truth can be distilled from it. You will need to find out what resonate with you. At the end of the day everything around us is an archtype. Even the war and even Israel. The justified frustration is the problem because it’s a catalyst for your own growth and by sitting and doing nothing , your are not growing. You are dying. Like a vine you need to shed the old canes and sprout new ones, even the strongest cane and cordon while eventually be cut to form new growth.
People killing one another  -1.
Religion is just a way to justify killing one another the sooner we realize that we have real issues in common the sooner people will start building a future together. Heck people don’t always agree on things but killing one another, honestly.
There should be a problem to get rid of all weapons, they can start with drones.
If you have any ideas to fix this feel free to email me

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