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Einsteins great power

According to Einsteins power was due to some regions over the brain being more developed.

I don’t think thought is a consequence of increase brain matter. At least not Einsteins ability. Einstein’s great power was his perception of the world around him. I think the increase brain size was the result of a greater perception.

You see a lot of people dealing with every day life in different ways, if you read some of the notes of Einstein, (not the science ones) but the opinionated ones. His views on life, children and religion and God. It’s this out of the box potential that everyone has but people are too afraid to break the mold of the western world. Why the west, I try not to harp on too much about modern-day America but the west, of which an interesting debate can be found on the cross talk program on The west and my opinion has nothing to do with topography , the west to me implies the modernization and culturization of that which is not sustainable to the earth or the soul, incorrectly separated by me for explanations sake. Nano tech for instance might be good but the nano tech goes straight through digestion and end up on the water supply of frogs etc. Modern day “the pill” also ends up in the water supply for birds and also prevents them from having fertility. Anne Hathaway on the front on some magazine, making tons of woman feel they need to look like her is not good for the soul.

So in fact, the west has nothing to do with America but it has a lot to do with the bad stuff.

In terms of Einstein, this didn’t stop him. Capture etc. didn’t stop his thinking he moved with punches in order to survive whether that was Hitler, America and Zionists.

And look what he did.

If we can manage to stay sovereign, don’t waste effort on rebellion but use the west as a vehicle for delivering the right content you can also be as effective as he was.The most recent modernization of Einstein is the fact that the media is trying to make you believe that you are not equally as capable.

Every part of the whole must be of the same quality as the collective.



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