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Prime Minister responsible for the death of soldiers


Let’s break this down.

#1 A senior Taliban warlord suspected of being behind the IED bomb attack that killed three New Zealand soldiers has been killed, the Prime Minister confirmed this morning.

So, basically if you kill us, we will kill you back, right? We try to teach kids not to punch back, in rugby for instance we don’t let fighting continue because well, the point is to play the game. Hypocritical Christian nations preach to turn the other cheek, but obviously that’s where it ends.

#2 John Key says New Zealanders were not involved in the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) airstrike which led to the death of the insurgent, but he believes New Zealand intelligence was.

They were not part of the offensive, mmm-ok. What were they doing there. Station for a holiday patrol to enjoy the sunshine and sand perhaps.

#3 “All I know is that it was a senior Taliban insurgent I assume he is the person that was responsible for those deaths of those three New Zealand soldiers.”My understanding was that it was an Afghan ISAF led mission it almost certainly used New Zealand information but not New Zealand people if you understand what I mean so they weren’t physically involved but it was almost certainly intelligence that the New Zealand people gathered over there.”

I love the contradiction in that first bit there, I know that I assume that he is the one, to be killed cause he obviously did it I assume. And then in the latter, intelligence gathered in order that the that  the local people can be killed more effectively. Um, just because on paper it made sense in your head doesn’t mean it will play out in the real world. It sounds to be Sir that you are full of @#%, at least that’s my understanding.

# 4 I think it’s good news if it makes Afghanistan a safer place for our people.”The Taliban leader behind the attack that killed the New Zealanders is understood to have been Abdullah Kalta.

Not to be Captain obvious, our mission in live is not to make another country a safer place for our OWN people. Why don’t you make your own country safer for your people, i.e. where the most of the kiwis live. Local crime news .

#5 The deaths brought the total number of Kiwis soldiers who died in Afghanistan to 10, with Baker being the first female to be killed in battle since the Vietnam War.

Since the vietnam War, it’s a pitty that we seem to have gone backwards yes. Doesn’t say much for governments and their decisions.

#6 The Government confirmed earlier this month that New Zealand troops would be out of the war-torn nation by the end of April next year.

yup, sure. Why are we there in the first place, it’s not like NZ have any towers to fly into, this excludes SkyCity in Auckland since the Chinese and government are doing a pretty fine job with illegal activities there, i.e. exclusive VISAs for gamblers, and the government’s part in agreeing to the legislation. We know 911 was a hoax now, of which the countless confessions of the 911 commission has pointed that out, I’m not talking conspiracy theory, actual people who were on the commission.

I tell you what, why don’t we bring them back now, what is going to change in a year ?

I’ll personally put forward 100$ towards airfare and I’m good to offer several refreshingly hot showers.

Pledge here to bring NZ soldiers home .

Let’s talk a little while we are on the subject.

So why are we over there in the first place. We can say for  that the same reason that smaller countries had to enter WW2 was to fight the evil, as Churchill said. If that is the case that smaller nations always have to help to prevent that ultimate evil, how come there are no smaller nations standing up to America. Without fighting, let’s just say “no thanks to war”. That sounds very much like a campaign slogan right right! “No Thanks America”, “Politely decline poverty” that rolls nicely of the tongue.

NZ has a 1.3bln military budget. What if we were the first country in the world to say “No thanks to Military”.  Take 250 million and put it towards the teachers that don’t have jobs another 250m for police to catch those local crooks. 500m to regulate alcohol and stricter controls to the young don’t drink out their futures.  The rest is obviously to re-integrate the war mongering souls  back into society.


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