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Monthly Archives: December, 2012

So long, good bye.

Ha, Not if we could help it. It’s the holidays, I’m sitting back and enjoying the fact that I can do absolutely nothing. Well actually I’m not doing nothing. I’ve … Continue reading

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You have my vote Mr President.

I’m really glad Julian Assange decided to put on the political boots (formally) to join the system in Australia. This is about time someone start something formally. This is the … Continue reading

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How to say no to America

This is just crazy The nation that bore Homer Simpson,South Park, Al Bunday and Jerry Springer, ACTA, SOPA wants to annihilate us from space. I don’t doubt that this is old … Continue reading

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Bunker Bonanza – t10

Grab those iodine tablets, USB dynamo charger , a couple of rolls of electrical insulation tape, some good books (paper kind) and some vinyls, and head down into your bunker . … Continue reading

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Julian Assange fakes own death.

Who knows when we may read that in the paper. The current news is that he is in poor health, this has been brewing for a while. The current state … Continue reading

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