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Julian Assange fakes own death.

Who knows when we may read that in the paper.

The current news is that he is in poor health, this has been brewing for a while.

The current state of his health can have a number of headlines.

Assange dies. That would be pretty bad, since I kind of like the shows that he did, I like his mission and most certainly what he achieved via wikileaks and also how his trail highlights the agenda and method to which a country(ies) may lower themselves to in order to get revenge and that as an individual you have no chance if a country wants you ba!@#

Then again, he is a smart guy.

Maybe he is faking his death, my only advice on this is keep it short and sweet. I you drag it out I’m sure  people will think more about it. Go undercover and underground.

ZeroCool FTW




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