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Bunker Bonanza – t10

Grab those iodine tablets, USB dynamo charger , a couple of rolls of electrical insulation tape, some good books (paper kind) and some vinyls, and head down into your bunker .

It’s not quite the plans I have during this holiday season although I was close. Which brings me to another story.

As I was hooking up with a group of folks in South Africa who was constructing a bunker in the Drakensberg, (anyone seen 2012 the movie). These guys were some rich Canadian and Belgium folks who decided to take some of their savings and construct the 4 story concrete bunker underground in the hills of Kwazulu Natal.  They hydroponic farms, solar generators, air purifiers etc all imported from Europe.

I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to go back to South Africa to join them. Seeing as I spent a large part of my life trying to get out of there I don’t fancy going back.

SO, I posed the question to the void.

I asked the great void, like something out of the bible. “O void, shall I go or Shall I stay”. I remembered that I saw something similar on youtube where a woman did the same thing. She asked to get money in the post and an eagle feather. Since I was living in Australia and I haven’t seen an eagle there I figured I’d modify that sign.

So I said, “Void! if you can hear me I want a sign, if I am to go and uproot my family and move into the bunker community I want money in the post and a dead bird to be in my garden”.

Then I settled down for a while and honestly I kind of forgot about the whole covenant.

One Saturday morning I was mowing the lawn and as I was combing the lawn to pick up stones to save my windows from destruction, I found it, a dead bird! Since my wife was on the other side of the house I strolled to where my wife was potting about. With a pale look on my face I started to explain to her the dire consequences of this dead bird.

It took her a while to reply, not so much due to the shock of the dead bird, but the shock came when she did eventually reply.

We got some money in the post she said.

Human as we are I obviously didn’t think about the technicalities of my covenant, since I asked for money in the post but I don’t ever check the post, it’s a thing for the kids since they have lots of fun doing it.

But yes, there was the blatantly obvious decision staring me right in the face. I should goto the bunker.

Here I am a year later. I didn’t join it. Just because the idea of fear doesn’t sit that well with me. I would have a ball in the post apocalyptic world purely because I enjoy fallout, but with a family etc. I don’t think it’s just about what I enjoy.

I have no preparation other then the knowledge about the subject. We will soon find out though, maybe we should have a count down.



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