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How to say no to America

This is just crazy

The nation that bore Homer Simpson,South Park, Al Bunday and Jerry Springer, ACTA, SOPA wants to annihilate us from space. I don’t doubt that this is old news, and it’s definitely not a new idea, even games dating back to 1994 had this as part of the defense so I’m sure it actually dates back to the 40’s .

I reckon the best way to say no to America at this point is to alienate US citizens living abroad.

Why am I saying this, I can’t vote in America, so I can’t make this change. The US citizens don’t care enough to stand-up against their nation because it hasn’t hit home yet. The problem is that by the time they realize they need to tame the beast that is the US defense  in general it would be too late, too late for them and too late for the rest of the world.

We are going to be utterly screwed.

I don’t mind ion cannons since I don’t do crime. However just like anything it’s not going to be used properly . It will be used in the same way that American military is used as a bargaining tool for global financial markets, i.e. sanctions against Iran.

Follow us, or we zap your Nuclear plants like we did in Japan.

What is our options other than alienating normal John Doe Americans. We could all become really good at networking or hackers and hope that we can use the space weapons to blow up america’s evil, but then what prevents the next country from doing the same, china, india or russia. You could say that india is less war mongering, they don’t have military bases in other countries and they generally don’t start wars. However, they treat their people like rubbish in sweatswops and that’s not stopped so just because they are not in your media it doesn’t mean they are angelic.

China, well they are pretty big in terms of economy and I can only hope that the dragon sticks to it’s eternal slumber. I have no idea what drives China to what they do. America wants war and global domination of power so it’s justified starting wars, exploiting economies etc. But china works hard and they are relatively unvolved in war. American also has Christianity holding them back in a sense, not that it helps much since drones keeps on killing innocent people but at least it’s mentioned come election time.

China, religion isn’t key , it doesn’t hold them back. So why this massive push for the gold medal in world economy, it’s not like they spend the money on their people to build houses etc. Why why why.

Then again China is really just the commercial and manufacturing arm of the US. So it’s not really that they grow on their own. They are the puppet of the US, I can only say that it’s completely absurb that Rockefeller visit the president in China, Benjamin Fullford had a lot to say about this (youtube).

That leaves russia and india in terms of economy.

India I don’t really have too much opinion on, let alone knowledge. Maybe they are just the quiet one, they are pushing for the space race and they are UBER smart (since most of the top guys left india for the US via H1B visa and is now working for intel ).

Russia , they are still having to deal with their past and the people seen to be a bit divided on Putin. He strikes me as ok. I would love to sit down and talk to him more than any other president in the world,no idea why.

It will be years and many broken friendships later before we have enough movement to stand up against government for what we believe it. Besides pure numbers the only bargaining tool is money, and Richard Branson, Elon Musk and the wealthy are more interested in exploiting space for commerce and mining then fixing problems here on good ol’ earth.

-1 for Billionaires that don’t spend money on infrastructure on earth. They either have no balls , no interest in human welfare or no clue. I don’t believe that.

I’m obviously missing something.

Sure just because you have a lot of money you can’t play God, but how is that different from buying your own island, sending your family to space, or mining asteroids.


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