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You have my vote Mr President.

I’m really glad Julian Assange decided to put on the political boots (formally) to join the system in Australia. This is about time someone start something formally. This is the whole problem with OWS that I mentioned in one of my other posts.

As soon as you are on the books (pun intended) you can make real change happen, and if you don’t then it’s another indication of how corrupt politics is. You don’t just need a president with his head in the right place but also the correct cabinet and then senate. Not necessarily in that order. But being on the books allows for people to give you money and I’m sure the big guys will hedge themselves against this underdog and as per normal will provide equal contribution for both parties to ensure that whoever wins, they win.

It’s like putting your money 50\50 on black and red in Roulette, then again , it doesn’t matter because you own the house (or federal reserve), you have also insured at least 25% of that total pot, kind of like that insurance for the two towers that paid out x2 since two planes hit the building. I mean really… It should have paid out 3 times, 1 per plane and then another one for the thermite detonation.

It’s very mainstream and I can’t believe the US citizens haven’t made a stink about 911 and government killing it’s own people. Refer back to my post on how to say not to America.

If the world is really democratic and a single government is unavoidable, let’s vote for it. I vote for the cypherpunks, which reminds me I need to add the book to my xmas list.

I’ve recently read VALIS, by Phillip K Dick, pretty cool book. I know there is a lot of opinion on it and obviously I have my 2cents.

A lot of what he refers to are out there today, I wonder if all the theories in the book originated from the book itself, although some couldn’t have due to the time of print. This book covers the Carl Jung information, it covers the “wanderers” in the Don Elkin series. It also covers time as by Dewey B Larson. The list really goes on.

The bit I found most interesting is Jesus dying on the cross. How when he dies he refers to God that had forsaken him. We think Jesus refers to God, where he actually refers to that which had possessed this physical being which since the physical body is now dying and no longer useful, the spirit \ demon depending on your perspective decided to leave the physical body of the man that was Jesus. Since this doesn’t really explain why if this spririt had left the physical why there would be the need for resurrection if “Elvis has already left the building”.

Then again, who knows. Even if it was the case of a possession this would have most likely occured during the baptism at which point the person who existed in Jesus then, was still a pretty decent guy who obviously showed some talent for this stuff and an inclination to be good. I’d say it’s genetic from his mom but then again the whole birth with Mary is obviously out of the ordinary.

I’d say don’t try and waste time of debunking or thinking about the past, but then time that we know isn’t real. So I’m not really thinking of the past.

One thing that I did think of recently , which isn’t in the past was how fortunate we are today to say crazy things and ideas and not get stoned or locked up for it. Medvedev mentioned something the other day which I really took to heart, he mentioned that freedom is experienced when a person has no limit to his experience because of the country that he lives in. I’d say this is pretty valid for most countries but we tend to be stuck in the grind or we thought we are.

Another piece of the book that I enjoyed was that mention of the thought paradigm and global conscious , why wan’t the brain talk, inward or outward. Horselovers Fat mentions that we, the ego is the voice of the subconscious and we are the language of the brain, this makes sense and validates the point that the more in tune we are with ourselves, listening to ourselves the more we become an instrument for the global conscious.

Thus we need to learn how to listen and speak our mind, literally. If we do that we will have enough to figure it all out. If only we can all realize that there are no borders with this, no country or race. If the !@#$ hits the fan, it’s going to affect us all, this would be the only reason why I could validate for some !@#$ to hit the fan in the coming year. If it doesn’t it seems that we might never wake up to the fact that we as integrated and dependent on one another more so than we think. (or like to believe).

In terms of science, god particles or not. We are chasing something that won’t suddenly make us figure it out. We should equally be spending as much time and money on gaining spiritual answers, ones where by we can ask, is there merit to a thousand people chanting a mantra to levitate rocks. Is there merit to people meditating for better weather.

And most of all, what is the point of all the gadgets, are we realizing the success of social networks is because it’s in our nature to want to be with people and interact.




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