Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.

So long, good bye.

Ha, Not if we could help it.

It’s the holidays, I’m sitting back and enjoying the fact that I can do absolutely nothing. Well actually I’m not doing nothing.

I’ve got two projects which is coming to completion, my aquaponic setup is finally done, I’ve primed the pumps and I’m busy fine tuning the standing pipes. Then a bike that I have built is pretty much done except for the rear drive axle which still needs to be completed, this needs the scooter bearings welding onto a steel pipe which also has the freewheel on it, that’s pretty much it.

As I’m sitting and listening to MUSE I run through scenes of my life where MUSE features as the background. When I was younger I lived on the coast, I had a convertible and had great friends which hooked up for golf each weekend , a burger and drink 10am. This left enough time for  hanging by the pool , a lavish lunch and a nap to recharge for the evening.

We had one of our friends pass away, some say due to coke, others said it was a heart attack. As a good friend we always advised, don’t mix this or that. We all have our habits and a friend usually the intelligent kind knows their vices, they also know better not to force their habits onto others.

With the passing of our friend life suddenly moved on. We moved to different cities for work and different countries, some of us. I had a friend with that was an absolute lunatic driver, he raced, ironically he was also a risk analyst for a major bank, and an author of risk management in the financial sector.

Where did the time go ?

I’m glad to say that I was also healthy during that time getting up at 6am and doing my rowing routine of at least 10000m in 30 minutes, my best, with a hang over, was 14500. I do think there might have been too much of everything in my system at that point, or blame the portrait of an olympic rower for inspiration.

This was actually the dawn of my realization of the law of attraction, positive thinking and the chicken soup science behind it all.

I suddenly felt fearless, (this is a great feat in a country like South Africa).

I’ve got friends to thank for that, being open and always be the one to say sorry. It’s in the humble moments that the arch types make their appearance. As long as you are aware of them , they WILL guide, the funny thing is that guiding sounds a bit like a one sided relationship where you can just sit back. The trick is it’s not, you need to work, implied by the verb “follow” the guide. And you might not like eat especially if you need to eat some humble pie, make amends, or listen instead of speak.

At the risk of the post being to long I had the thought, but then again I don’t really post for people to read. It originally started as the “dear diary” , actually it was more of my online repository.

archetypes for those that don’t know refers to the facets of consciousness, this can be seen in the law of one material, it’s also everywhere else, the tora, the taro[t] , the zodiac, the 12 month calendar, your 12[x2] hour clock, jesus’ disciples.

It’s around you like the air your breath, unavoidable interaction.

Recently I’ve been attracted to the Larsonian Physics, this is really good stuff, a little off topic.


To great friends.



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