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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Size does matter.

Not to be funny, but have you seen the size of Russia recently ? Some years ago I looked at some of the in-depth stats on Russia, it’s twice as … Continue reading

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Reporting Services

Maybe you have seen this. Login failed for user ”. when using unattended execution The report execution x67wqt55acfewcugepmvrkn has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound). Perhaps you have had a … Continue reading

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Close Shave.

So Thanks to I’ve been checking out this 2012[something] AD , asteroid. There is also a really nice story about it on NASA’s youtube channel. It’s still a couple … Continue reading

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Politicians just a bunch of fruits.

I was happily having my breakfast this morning while I looked at our stocked fruit baskets. It has a nice variety of Oranges, Bananas, Apples, Kiwis and pears. I remembered … Continue reading

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Who was Aaron Swartz

Last week I made a post about the untimely death about the activist, Aaron Swartz. Since I have a bit of an interest in this sort of thing, activism, not … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz

mmmmMM I smell a rat. I don’t think for one second that a selfless person, activist and most of all a programmer which is already dead through anonymity commits suicide. It’s not … Continue reading

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Simple SQL.

What I like most is SQL functions that can save me time! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat and stared at my inbox while waiting for the … Continue reading

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Governments refusal to discount people on changes in the technology

Ever heard of this thing called the internet?! So in NZ and Aus you have the Warrant of Fitness for a car. The formal definition A warrant of fitness (WoF) … Continue reading

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OWS – Why the lack of strategy, unity and complex thinking?

OWS has been around for a while now. And similar to other US based underground movements in the 70’s we don’t see critical mass. It’s one thing to go camp … Continue reading

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Happy new year 2013

Late new year, So I don’t live to blog, but blog because I’m living! All the best for the new year to you. I was asked what my new years resolutions … Continue reading

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