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Happy new year 2013

Late new year,

So I don’t live to blog, but blog because I’m living!

All the best for the new year to you.

I was asked what my new years resolutions were, I didn’t say 4k, nope in fact I had nothing. Mostly because I don’t believe you have to peg a date into the ground to get stuff done, don’t wait around. If you want to do something you should do it right now.  If you are waiting for money to do it, then draw pictures of what you want to do, this might sound like planning, it’s not, it’s really a great way to work through your ideas, whether that is something that you are building or even if it’s something like exercise where you can figure out your schedule ahead of the time. You don’t have a lot of time on earth, you can’t waste it.

In terms of my new year, I’ve finished my aquaponics setup and I’ve also finished a bicycle that I’ve been building.

Both of which can save me a couple of cents down the line.

Why do I want more money.

Well, let’s do the prologue (aside from my obvious opinion visible from my posts). I’ve seen a couple of good movies, legal ones too. No pirated stuff. I figured since google is guilty of making most of their profits from illegal sites, I can be better than them. I’ve bought some classics on steam ( and I’ve bought movies on apple TV.

I’m 1 phone call away from cancelling my Sky subscription since this is a ripoff, they don’t show anything I’m interested in, unfortunately I can’t cancel because I’m in a contract for another couple of months and I’m going to pay a penalty if I do cancel, which I think is complete and utter nonsense.

I’m also thinking of getting in contact with the people I know who moved into a bunker in South Africa. I’m interested to see whether they are going to move out of the bunker now that the world didn’t expire.

BTW, THANK GOD IT DIDN’T , and by God I don’t mean God, it’s just a saying. [It could be said]God just causes war and suffering that could go for most of the gods in our world.

This brings me back to my point.

Why do I need money.

I need money in order to change the world. In order to be one up from OWS guys running around in parks. Start a political party (actually I won’t do that because you don’t need to be a politician to change the world. You only need to be a politician if you want to be able to legally accept bribes) which is not what I want to do.

It’s not up to me to try an convince folks they can do better. You will realize that when you are ready, only you will be able to achieve , when you believe. Believe,  I’m not crucifying anyone here but I’m not talking religion. This christmas I was reminded that it has nothing to do with Jesus, it was a pagan date adopted by christians. Religion has become an excuse like a new year’s resolution.

It has become the reason why people don’t have power, bad things in your life is justified by religion saying that you need suffering since some higher being is trying to teach you something. This is absolute nonsense. You are your own keeper, if your life sucks or if bad things, OR GOOD things happen to you it’s not because of a “god”, it’s because of your actions.

I hope that in 2013 people stop hiding behind their gods and unite through one another, indiscriminate of race and border of  a country.

 Without religion you have to choose your moral compass, you decide what is right and what is wrong. Some people will definitely have a different idea of what is good or the wrong one in the “good opinion”, but this is only due to generations of habits and misconceptions in the world due to problems like abuse, violence and misuse of drugs and other substances and just like it took generations to form, it will take generations to fix.

Anyhow, back to some good films in the I saw during the holiday. 11th Hour(Environment documentary), Obama 2016, Inside Job(financial markets and 2008 GFC).

These movies brings me to what I want to do, have another way to live without the need for us to destroy everything around us. As I was reading the communist manifesto on the abolishing of property I thought, this is !@$ I don’t want to give up my  house, my computer, or personal possessions , this will never work.

But in a later chapter it hit home for me, it says. What you don’t see already is that in order for you to have obtained this others would have been forced to give up all of their belongings, not because they had any, but because they are being impoverished through slave labor and mass manufacturing.

At this point the penny dropped in terms of property. I saw flashes of  Foxcon, IBM in the 80’s , fires in Bangladesh massive injustices in Madagascar for clothing manufacturing, exploitation of African resources.

I don’t look at my television the same way, in fact I don’t look at any of my property in the same way.

I was reading a bit on the sea shepard and whaling, I can’t believe that goverments try and lock down an area of the sea and call it “protected”. It’s the freaking OCEAN there is no walls and no boundaries. You cannot do mining and seabed scraping in one area without affecting another. $%^@$*( greed.

So, if this is the year that you want to make change and you feel like meeting another person who shares ideals.

my email is mullerjannie at

Let’s change the world. Not by raising banners, or camping in tents but by formalizing, planning and being strategic.

Most people don’t realize they already have very little liberties already, it depends on your aspirations. As soon as you want to change that which is out of what was intended by those in power, then you will see that you are not as free as you might think


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