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Governments refusal to discount people on changes in the technology

Ever heard of this thing called the internet?!

So in NZ and Aus you have the Warrant of Fitness for a car. The formal definition

A warrant of fitness (WoF) is a regular check that your vehicle meets required safety standards, at the time of inspection. It’s your job to keep your vehicle in warrantable condition at all times. For example, while tyres on your vehicle may pass on the day of your warrant inspection, you’ll need to replace them as soon as the tread gets to the minimum depth. If you wait until the next inspection before replacing them, you increase your risk of having a crash or receiving a fine.

Registration and licensing of vehicles are two terms often confused. Both are about getting permission to drive your vehicle on New Zealand roads. But registration is generally a one-off process that identifies you as the person legally responsible for your vehicle. Licensing is the regular process through which you pay to use your vehicle on public roads.

This section explains the requirements of each process, including what needs to happen when buying and selling vehicles.

This above is some background info.

When you get a WOF this is linked to you registration number , i.e. the numbers on the shiny often white plate on the back of the car. It could be customized i.e. not always the same color or the same alpha numeric pattern. i.e. like CUL8R or something fancy.

Again to point out, the WOF is a sticker you need to fit to your car. The sticker is old school and basically have a few numbers and the date when it was issued and the validity.

This information is available on a computer system which is available on the internetz!

Now my question.

In this day and age you still get fines for not having the WOF displayed. Even though your number plate , which is clearly visible can be used to electronically verify your WOF status.

You will thus be fined for not having the WOF  “displayed”


This seems really ancient since with the click of a button on the hand held device, (which by the way is 3g enabled) which is used to generate and catalog your fine has access to this information, why then do we still get fined for this. This is really dumb.


There is money to be made from it so why change. Because there are people employed and thus this money is being used for them and who knows what else. This is the fundamental reason why we don’t evolve like we should. You might have heard of singularity. The point in which all knowledge would be available to everyone and we would be uber awesome and know no more and have no limits.

It might be surprize but this will come with the premium because if knowledge if free what will happen to the billion dollar education programs, the companies who benefit from printing text books , the bribes behind official stationery and the absurdity.

All of the above whilst we cannot solve a simple pay or display issue on the WOF.


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