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OWS – Why the lack of strategy, unity and complex thinking?

OWS has been around for a while now. And similar to other US based underground movements in the 70’s we don’t see critical mass.
It’s one thing to go camp under a tree but we know that won’t achieve much.

I am not at all surprised by the fact that most of the money and the power is controlled by a few.This is due to the fact the 88% of the 99% is happy to sit on their couch and rot away from pay-day to pay-day.

The remainder of those who really do have the potential sit and write about it. It’s the fine line of engaging in the emotion of the physical change. Neurologically the same kick is generated whilst sitting safe in your chair.

The real deal is a different story, we need the time to get out of the chair and action our words. The problem here is we are subjected to dealing with people, people of which we have bias of big & small, race and gender generated by generations of western indoctrination about that successful character we would like to deal with and what they look like. The real world is less monologue like these sort of blogs.

An opinion I don’t like, I hide 🙂

OWS face the problem of having to deal with people and since they don’t have a constitution I doubt anyone really knows what the outcome should be and thus the blind direction of how to get there.

Banners don’t get you anywhere. OWS needs to form a party or business in order to not only receive donations but to start and deliver a product. Something that can help the 88% become part of the 11% that is really passionate about OWS and changing the world.

OWS also has the capability of becoming the first independent international party. Join forces with the likes of WikiLeaks.

If OWS is going to be another isolated weather underground operation limited to a single country discriminating against borders and race. It’s dead already.

This is from a Quora post I made.
I quite enjoy the Quora website. Lots of interesting stuff on there.

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