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About myself and everyone else.

Simple SQL.

What I like most is SQL functions that can save me time!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat and stared at my inbox while waiting for the domain admin to get back to me on the details of a windows group.

i.e. I want to know the effective members within the group to know exactly just who have access when the group is added to SQL.

One of two ways to do this by yourself, depending on your access.

1 – xp_logininfo <NT group>,’members’

This will return all the members in the AD group. You should recognize from the xp_ that this proc runs within tsql. It requires the group you are looking up to have access to SQL. Alternatively you can also do impersonation of an account that has access and then do the lookup.

2 – DSA.msc (start run)

This will run the console in order that you can browse the security groups. This will allow you to freetext search for a group if you are not sure of the name. Once you find the group you are looking for you can then show the members and see who is in the group.

It’s old, but gold.

It saves you time  and no you no longer have to wait for those busy domain admins to get back to you on what to them is a waste of time query.



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