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Who was Aaron Swartz

Last week I made a post about the untimely death about the activist, Aaron Swartz.

Since I have a bit of an interest in this sort of thing, activism, not death I figured I’d scout for some footage and do a bunch of investigation.

If you have followed some of my other posts on Quora, this blog and project Syndicate you might have seen my opinion on OWS and what I think of riots and tents. Aaron had the same opinion, way before I did. Which makes me feel less crazy about it.

He posited that the only way to deal with the current political system is by peaceful means and by lobbying for change the same way that big companies does it. At the end of the day it’s the money that drives decisions in Hollywood US Political system.

In the sort term they achieved major goals, starting a formal avenue for directing change in a balanced way.

This is a good video. I couldn’t have said better, even if I had to read from a transcript. This lighting talk is a good way of putting people on the spot, I think pressure is something Aaron seem to have been able to deal with, you can follow the youtube, RT and other footage. A suicide just puzzles me.

Perhaps in answer to my lack of planning in OWS. Maybe there is no formal structure because if you hit the nail on the head, you end up dead.

Like in many “strange” untimely deaths of activist and publishers, this will only bring forth one thing. People will wake up to underhanded tactics. It will only cause a bigger movement in the direction of change. For me, this has reaffirmed that one person can make a difference and 9 people from the German nationalists can also make a big difference, they ended up changing history.

The type of change, you can decide.





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