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Politicians just a bunch of fruits.

I was happily having my breakfast this morning while I looked at our stocked fruit baskets. It has a nice variety of Oranges, Bananas, Apples, Kiwis and pears. I remembered when I moved to New Zealand I was eating a delicious fruit and I thought, WOW , this stuff must thrive on this volcanic rock soil, great fresh water, tons of rain good humidity with some dry winds prevented rots and other fungus although a bit hard on saplings… anyways.

I turned the fruit around and saw a BIG FAT sticker, “California”. U.S.A.

I’m a bit protectionist, it’s not surprise because in tough international times I think it’s the best measure to stimulate the local economy but then again that’s just my opinion. I was very disappointed in New World supermarket that imported this.

Since then I remind myself not to buy fruits not in Season and not produced in New Zealand. Most recently this drive was not just based on the economy, Monsanto runs agriculture in Americas, thus I probably also do myself harm by eating GMO foods. Even imported food products from South Africa is starting to come out with GMO labels.

I try my best to remind my wife, not to buy imported products for the same reasons.

So, getting back to my story.


As I was sitting having my breakfast I stared at world politics in a bowl.

The banana, which is from Ecuador is granting asylum to Assange and Assad, I only notice now the similarity in names!  This will undoubtedly have longer term issues for them and I don’t doubt sanctions in the future, after all. The business of America is to settle old scores.

The orange, Naval orange is from US of A. Other than the fact that the batch number changes between the oranges that we buy it remains mostly the same, nothing by way of change. Whistling to the old tune of Bush, Clinton, Obama and those before them all the way back to when the movie industry got hold of the political system.

As per normal, the orange is in the middle of things just like America, perhaps even in the way of Ecuador, the banana and the apple on the right which is surprisingly !! from New Zealand. Maybe the orange is trying to act is a middle fruit, weaving it’s profits into negotiations as the gatekeeper or channel to get through to the banana.

I also noticed that the fruits are configured in a traffic light hue, green , orange and red!  I’ll try to work that into the story.

Then if I had the time I would do research to see whether these fruits actually come from their labels. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just get a sticker in some warehouse in order to be more expensive, another reason why not to buy imported food. But then as soon as people catches on the sticker can be changed, after all who is going to verify it, a paranoid person right?

The problem with cheaper imports is that the carbon footprint is enormous , if you are a  country that have access to cheap oil , your tankers can sail around the world delivering the produce for a profit, at the expense of burning fossil fuels and destroying the planet. But the supermarket don’t care, right. One person can’t change the world, can they?

I was wondering about the great evil in the world, maybe it’s our conscience . Maybe there is no great evil. I don’t doubt that secret societies exist, they might have dodgy rituals and they might make cheaper deals for friends, but if you were my friend I’d do the same for you right, even if you don’t give me something just because it will make me feel good.

Sometimes I wonder if I should find a way to join the dark side, at least through all this lobbying and banking nonsense stuff happens, it’s not good stuff, but most of the population is happy sitting on their arses and watch the x-factor. Politicians and couch potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

So perhaps secret societies, sure they might have a gang thing going, but perhaps there is no big boss. I don’t think there is. People can’t agree on anything, especially in the struggle for power so I don’t believe there is a single puppet master, I’m sure there could have been at one point but as with anything the need for power divided even the evil into lesser and more evils!

At the end of the day, the variety of fruit in the bowl, or nutters in the world. It’s up to us to make sense out of it. Make your pick, fruits, friends and vegetables. We are ultimately responsible for even the small action that might lead to the next oil rig being setup even if that is spending a couple of dollars on a bag of apples.

Even if we buy local, in the global economy the US and China are major owners of produce, even in your own country and even New Zealand. So even if you buy local you support those who make the decisions on your behalf, I shrug at Hilary Clinton’s smirk on her face while holding the latest drone mock. How about holding a baby that will be bombed, how about holding your own dead children in your hands like the civilians that got bombed by NATO.

I think when you have become that political celebrity, you don’t think like a human. You strategize on paper and deal with probability and financials.  There is no human element to it, the same way that someone in management are isolated from the clerk swiping the goods over a bar-code scanner. They live in different worlds, ironically. Those most influential does the least to preserve the world.


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