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Thanks to I’ve been checking out this 2012[something] AD , asteroid.

There is also a really nice story about it on NASA’s youtube channel.

It’s still a couple days shy of earth but I’m wondering howcome I haven’t read that Elon Musk,James Cameron or United States have plans to shoot it down. I’m very surprised. As these asteroids can contains all kinds of goodies, from being made out of Iron or other rare materials, or flesh eating bacteria. wait wha?

It could be potentially interesting to keep an eye on this and see what the outcome will be. 17k miles is still a bit on the far side but I’m sure there is plenty of capable missiles that can reach this. I wonder if there are any plans to shoot it out of the Sky. Isn’t that what happened in Roswell ? naaa.

I’m sure they can find out what material it’s made out of. This should be able to do since they can calculate the mass. It would be super if it’s made out of gold. Maybe it can satisfy all the greed for gold. That would be nice.

More on mining asteroids.

Some gorky valentines slogans.

  • Have a rock for valentines day!
  • You rock my world !
  • rockoff?
  • Rock up at her\his house.

I’ll stop before it gets any worse.


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