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Size does matter.

Not to be funny, but have you seen the size of Russia recently ?

Some years ago I looked at some of the in-depth stats on Russia, it’s twice as big as the biggest country in the world.

It’s really big.

I see America is trying to invade other countries, overpower the middle east and involved in Africa. I bet you that Paul Revere regret breaking up with the British. Divide and Conquer. If it comes down to sheer size, Russia is uber.

They seem to be less war mongering these days, at least when compared to the rest of the world. You never know the real deal, you will have to live there I’m sure to find out what is really going on and even then you can only see what you are involved in in your daily lives. They might be better at hiding things or they could really just be focused on technology.

I think the only way that humankind will progress is in a peaceful manner, war just destroys.

So with Putin still having a couple of years left and Assange running for Australian politics , man this is going to be some exciting times. I have to immigrate to one of them. Russia who is building the tech village would be pretty cool. I’ve been in Australia and their tech market is worse than South Africa, but then again that is one area where South Africa shines, Tech.

Once Russia build some super highway or mach 3 train across the entire place, that would bring life to the whole of Russia, get connected. With the transport comes electricity, fibre and transport, with that you can build!

It would be pretty cool once you see more tech celebrities move to Russia, then with the recent Google dodgyness of stealing data, selling data, mining private data and mining the ocean. I’m not sure if they are on my Cool list for tech Celebs. The guys from Cypher Punks still are, which reminds me I still need to update my book list for this year.

One day, people will look back (not this 2nd recession hitting the US, I mean further back) and say. That’s where they went wrong. You can see a bit of a trend in the news, I’m not just talking about Russian news.

It focus on growth in Russia, the “coolness” as celebs move their to avoid higher taxes and allegations. I hope they manage growth without becoming another war mongering nation.

Let’s revisit this in a couple of years.


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