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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Wow busy week

Fun week this week. For the best part of the week I’ve been busy with the new e-commerce project at TradeMe. Naturally that is my bread and butter, not that … Continue reading

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Lo Rider

The crowdfunding is closing soon, so I figured I’ll archive it here on my blog, under the inventions bit. Since I’ve done a bit of investigation into local bikes … Continue reading

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Kerberos the 3 headed beast!

For the myth seekers, this isn’t it. In digging around in some msdn archives I found this really awesome post on kerberos and SQL server. I’m so going to print … Continue reading

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What do you want to do.

It pains me, this song that I remember from Smash Mouth, I believe it’s about some people who are 40 and they don’t know what to do with their lives.. … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on Reddit (awesome!)

I got the link through the news this morning to reddit and I signed into reddit shortly after. I read some of the user comments, about junk topics like. Um.. … Continue reading

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Source of awesomeness. Today I emailed wikipedia in a hope to add my name as a sponsor onto a page. Hi guys   I’ve been reading wikipedia for years, I … Continue reading

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Complain and do nothing or complain and do something

At some point in my life, I’m not actually sure exactly when it was but I definitely know it wasn’t always like this. I complained… A lot… Then like I … Continue reading

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Nice one Heineken (not)

Last night I saw this Heineken advertisement on television. I thought it was a bit distasteful The advert features three men that walks into a bar. They stand around and as per the … Continue reading

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Honey, pack our bags.

Just when I thought it’s save to let my hair down. Welcome to your future mutation. One ear for you, allergy for someone else. Not sure if you read … Continue reading

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