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Honey, pack our bags.

Just when I thought it’s save to let my hair down.

Welcome to your future mutation. One ear for you, allergy for someone else.

Not sure if you read my post on politicians are fruits, or Size Matters.

Well as it turns out the Kiwi food I’ve been eating is also part of the Monsanto GM series. 😦

Here is why I’m again looking at Russia, the last articles I read on Monsanto in Russia is that they got kicked out. There is no last resort. All the food we eat is one way or the other contaminated. We need to go back to fishing, unfortunately in New Zealand this is completely regulated , the freshwater fish.

Maybe I should rub shoulders with Gerard Depardieu, I also want a free passport to Russia.

There are very few countries not in the pocket of the rich. Perhaps even Russia, I wouldn’t know the truth. The thing is the rich and powerful transcends borders of countries. So ladies and gentlemen.

If there is no underdog, like Russia, North Korea then. Well we are doomed. Thanks for coming.

Edit: Ironically this article came online that same day



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