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Complain and do nothing or complain and do something

At some point in my life, I’m not actually sure exactly when it was but I definitely know it wasn’t always like this.

I complained…

A lot…

Then like I said that something happened where I thought it’s pretty good to offer a solution. I do complain about economy but I don’t have a solution for that, well I do. Don’t be greedy! But that is easier said than done because we associate that which we want out of our reach based on exactly that, economy. Economy is a definition for supply and demand. Without one another they don’t exist. Thus it is in the best interest of the greedy folks to ensure that media indoctrinate the world with the lack of supply.

So, instead of just complaining

I made something which I’m hoping one day could grow. The more you do in life I’m sure statistically you will fail more, but I do think as you gain experience you could starting gaining something which cannot be quantified.

With the help of New Zealand’s own crowd funding site I hope to achieve something out of the ordinary.



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