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Nice one Heineken (not)

Last night I saw this Heineken advertisement on television.

I thought it was a bit distasteful

The advert features three men that walks into a bar. They stand around and as per the Heineken slogan, it make things happen and the bar starts to transform from an old run down bar with a couple of lowly folks and torn wallpaper to a new york style aquarium, marble counter top, tuxedo’s and fancy dresses and then it happens.

A stage unfolds with a blue \ jazz singer.

She has thick long black eyelashes, wearing a tight dress and shocking pink lipstick. Her hair in a beehive , thick and black, the singer, pulling her shoulder back to the sides with the rhythm of the music.

No ladies and gents, although this could on a dime represent Amy Winehouse, it’s not, why because she is dead.

SO according to this

It’s another band.

But really,

I’ve I’m in the commercial business, using someone in an advert that looks like another person who died of overdosing on alcohol (vodka) it would seem like a bad idea…

If you still haven’t got it, it would be like putting James Dean look alike in a Porsche commercial…


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