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Bill Gates on Reddit (awesome!)

I got the link through the news this morning to reddit and I signed into reddit shortly after.

I read some of the user comments, about junk topics like. Um.. which windows is the best. really? Not that I doubt that Bill Gates has a sense of humor but I’m sure the intent of getting onto reddit wasn’t solely for a laugh.

So before I let my eager tongue loose I figured I’ll quickly get up to date with the foundations’ latest doings, read the newsletter and their plans for the year and what they have achieved. It’s pretty good. Do you see the problem here?

Microsoft didn’t make it because it was pretty good. It made if because it was sort of good but balls and guts and some wheeling and dealing with some broken friendships and lessons learned , spilled milk etc. made them what they are today. Then just before the iStake was driven into the coffin they turned with Windows 8, which to me is two motions short of a revolution, away from PC onto tablet while still engaging the PC \ Server market, aaah just awesome.

So why then is just “good” and not Freaking Awesome, ground breaking. Don’t get me wrong, cure for disease is good and groundbreaking. But any rich guy can do that. It’s just money.

Gutsy stuff like challenging the way the world works, that’s more what I expected.

None the less I took my time to write a comment to Bill Gates.

Hi Bill

I’m a big fan. I like what you do and would help where I can.
But I have my doubts on the ins and outs.

We are fighting a symptom of the poverty kind.
I lived in Africa to the conditions I’m not blind.

But we can’t fix it in a modern way without going astray

We need the most basic of life, a husband and a wife, son and daughter. They are as essential as bread and water.

As long as we seek resources abroad to appease our technology drive, tablet or pad we entice those weak governments (you mentioned) to undo, for what you strive.

I’m honestly not a poet.(I’m sure you can tell)

Disease and poor health is but a consequence, of cheap labor, lack of infrastructure and lack of recourse to those who hide behind a distribution list or corporate brand to obfuscate their responsibility and accountability.

You have unlimited funding, you should have no limits to your capability, both sides of the fence(Private and Corporate).

I am inclined to think the root of the problem is not solved as it’s the root which feeds the technology tree of many an industry in the rest of the world (I deter from saying the west and this is not the time and place). The supply of water is directly proportional to GDP of countries a simple fact, how cheap is a pipe , or a channel ?

Why does the artwork on the foundation only feature woman, very seldom a man, because the men are busy working in the mines (or is it a photogenic thing).

A gentle heart and a stack of cash and bravery can change this world faster than I can search the web for words that rhyme.

You are a very bright man I know. But there are many others willing to help.

Your bucket list, “don’t die”. Our time is finite you are aware, so change the world if you dare.

1 – Do you see yourself getting to a point where you play hard ball to do what needs to get done, like in the old days ?

2 – If weak governments call the shots and control infrastructure in the long run, are you just wasting your time? (sorry to be blunt)

Sincerely I mean no offense. But the truth on this issue makes me slightly tense.


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