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What do you want to do.

It pains me, this song that I remember from Smash Mouth, I believe it’s about some people who are 40 and they don’t know what to do with their lives..

I know what I want to do, I’d do something that involves the outdoor and hopefully building something sustainable. I probably wouldn’t have mind to be an engineer but I know that if I were one I would also be complaining about my low salary, I don’t get how engineers and teachers or any social work such as police etc. can be paid so low. But that’s another post.

I spend my time from project to project, I hardly do nothing. I’m hedging my time into as many projects as I can afford with the hopes that I can achieve success, for the most part being the project itself and financial freedom in doing so.

I wouldn’t say that I neglect some projects due to lack of focus. I think you could work on several things at once without messing up the quality.

I try aquaponics , at the moment this is on hold because I don’t have enough fish to produce enough ammonia to be converted in nitrates \ nitrites. This is because fish is super expensive in New Zealand, a single gold fish sells for 7(4cm)-14$ this is just plain robbery. In South Africa you can buy a goldfish for less than R10 and in Australia for less than 3$. has the BigMac index, this is the price of a Big Mac in the countries where McDonalds are present.  I could head on down do the local grocer and pick up 2L of Ammonia for 3$ and I could probably use that but then I could probably also have taken a lot of other shortcuts in this project which kind of defuse the purpose (organic) .

Then I spent a couple of months on building a prototype bicycle . This took about 6 months, I had to buy a welder and material and on top of that I obviously had to design it and overcome some problems where paper designs don’t always translate as easily to the real world due to tool or material constraints. I managed to get it done and use the functioning prototype, this was a great feeling. This weekend I’ve been walking around in a bike shop, since I had to get a flat repaired and I had to wait to get it fixed, so to kill some time I looked at the bicycles, 3500$+ , some awesome bikes, aluminium designs with goodness knows what sort of  -anium (titanium etc.) material used for the gears and frictionless bearings and I wonder how on earth do I get my prototype to this point. I’ve put it on a crowd-sourcing site, I’ve emailed the director of SRAM and short of holding a gun to someones head I can’t seem to prompt major interest.

When is enough enough, never. This is a phrase from a Brad Pitt , Julia Roberts(I think) movie . As a writer I can imagine who they go through draft and draft , publisher after publisher in order to get their works out there. Perhaps this is part of my journey and there is no way to fast track it. I don’t get too despondent, mostly because I’m reminded by the works of Charles F Haanel, in the master key system. If you road is a journey through a great consciousness you cannot excel past that which the universe deem you ready for. I’m a big preacher of not preaching. Don’t blame and do not wait for god (any definition of it). In this case I do not think it’s god, not just because I think people jump on the religion \ god band wagon, but because it’s probably more to do with myself, perhaps I have learn how to be humble enough thus great success would cause some chaos in my personal life also perhaps I could kill someone with my invention! (like in that movie with Kevin Spacey) and end up in jail.

On other fronts I’m always doing a bit of writing on the side, excluding blogs !

I’m fond of game design, I write short stories on games, the biggest which I have done is a 66k short novel on an MMORPG predating wo, not that wow was the first but it was around this time 2003. WHen in the UK I also emailed Richard Branson to funding for a permanent expo \ games arena, complete with PC repairs, Mobile Office , Internet cafe with scan , print facilities, expo areas for vendors such as Logitech, Microsoft etc. Virgin received it and I chatted to a lady about it but it never really turned into everything. I had to learn how to do business plans and balance sheets and whatnot, it wasn’t too bad after all I had years to experience in management due to SimCity!  mwuhaha so I wasn’t completely oblivious to it and stock trading thanks to Capitalism Plus and Railroad Tycoon.

9-5 I’m a DBA. I write about performance tuning and tune databases and write tons of SQL which every time I think I should save it but I seldom end up doing so because in saving it it will make my lazy I am sure! I enjoy my profession thoroughly and my other interests are definitely not because I don’t like what I’m doing. I just want to do more with my life though!

I could still go on, but luckily the relief of writing about your feelings has served it’s purpose.

I won’t cover a screenplay I’ve written and I won’t cover getting sued by remax and the list goes on and on.

A point, if I had any would be that I’ve got no idea how the rest of my life will pan out. If you are an individual that decided you are only going to stick to one thing,  (if you are a super expert) (I’m an expert when it comes to databases, maybe not a super expert but an sort-of expert at least) I think it’s great that you can focus on one thing. How do you pick that one thing, some might say money, sure but quantity of salary has a scale based on your expenses more so than the salary itself, if you have studied etc. If you pick a job because of pleasure, what if many jobs provide you pleasure, you can derive pleasure from more than one thing in this world.

Honestly I don’t know.

A couple of weeks ago I read some work by this guy my favorite one is how much land does a man need.  It toys with the idea behind decision making in the moment.

In this moment, I’m stopping to blog about the moment.










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