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Wow busy week

Fun week this week.

For the best part of the week I’ve been busy with the new e-commerce project at TradeMe. Naturally that is my bread and butter, not that I fancy butter that much so technically it’s my bread only.

However that doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to blog about.

The family had a trip to Makara on the weekend. I love it there, mostly because there are no teenagers hooliganning around and it’s just nature, you are immersed in it. Well nature and a great little place that sells ginger beer (not bear!) I won’t tell a ginger bear he is a ginger to his face, of which I have recently become a fan. I’ve always loved ginger though and try to stay away from the sugary drinks, I drink it in moderation.

Ginger aside.IMG_0403

While heading to our favorite spot,which happens to be the only  10 meter stretch of beach with sand my daughter picked up a knife. This knife has obviously been left but some folks having a picnic. Obviously I tried to get the knife from her to prevent her cutting herself but soon enough I realized hang on, we are on the beach (ocean theme), she picked up a knife in the sand (buried treasure) and this obviously closely relates to the Little Mermaid, yep. If you are from the 2D animation generation you might remember this movie. Ariel(the mermaid) was known for finding human (things) treasures and hanging on to it. So I tried to see the world from my daughter’s perspective and not take the knife from her, but as any parent would do I  added some conditions for keeping the knife, i.e. putting our treasure in a big so pirates don’t see it… and so that we don’t cut ourselves with it.


We eventually reached our sandy spot only to find it occupied, by a bird The fella pictured (ye people stay make anecdotes to images honestly we don’t live in the 40’s any more. this is a power button it turns the device off.  Not much smaller than a chicken, sitting around tilting his head and peering at me with one eye over it’s beak. I entered into a bit of a staring competition, I got closer to the guy, and using my wits and the bird’s lack of 360 degree vision I managed to grab hold of it by the neck while distracting it , I then enjoyed basking in the the obvious human superiority over the animal kingdom.

But, it was an unfair game as it turned out. It turned out that the “bird” which I think is an albatross of some  sort had it’s wing stuck in some fishing line and hooks , right if that’s not bad enough it also had a sinker! Pictured to the right, warning the photo shows sharp things which was previously stuck into the flesh of the bird (pictured on the left).

It managed to wrap itself , not intentionally I’m sure , it trapped itself  in such a way to get it’s foot and wing tied in the fishing line. The fishing line also had 3 lures with hooks, since it obviously been struggling to get lose some of the hooks pierced into the bird and into it’s webbing on one foot.


OMG I thought where is my leatherman now, but then I remembered that we had found the knife earlier. In due course over the next couple of minutes and with a little effort and a few bites from the bird it was finally free, the treasure played into my hands and served as a good lesson why we are not only superior to animals but that it’s our responsibility to look after them. A lesson that I can’t teach anyone in a classroom or blog, it’s just something you have to experience. I wonder if Hillary Clinton would have bombed the bird with a drone to help it out.


The bird who decided to stretch it’s wings ,and then went to sit in the sun and stick around while we were there, it was keeping a watchful eye on the kids and us. It was a bit wet from the occasional wave but giving the vigor in the bite I reckon it would be just fine.

It struck me that  I don’t know the birds very well so I should get a book and I don’t know whether they only drink fresh water or whether sea birds have some sort of fancy way to absorb salts etc and drink seawater, while playing around we also found a stunning blue crab, which in all my days in South Africa on the coast I’ve never seen which is pretty cool.

Fun times with nature.


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