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Good bye Hugo, Good luck Venezuela

Work has kept me well away from blogging, for a day or two.

It’s friday , it’s early and a good time to write something.

Good bye Hugo,

In any situation I think it’s best that you try and base an opinion knowing that you will never know it all. Unless of course you are blogging about making a cup of coffee yourself then you are safe to say you know the ins- and outs (excluding what possible contaminants there could be in the milk or water ) luckily I don’t take sugar.

What I’m getting it is that I’ve read on what the pro Hugo campaigns said, he made major changes for the better. Kicking out the greedy eagle that is america and nationalize most corporations, the reason why I’m not convinced is that I’m South African. In many ways South Africa is comparable to Venezuela, rich with minerals, tons of unemployment , lots of illegal immigrants, skilled workers leaving to the US for greener and mostly more peaceful pastures.

If the South African regime tried (trying at the moment) to nationalize mines and business it would be a disaster, in fact it would be something many times worse than a disaster. This is because the government is corrupt like corrupt can be.

If in fact the government wasn’t corrupt this could work but a government, mostly because the political system is designed for bribes. Russia is trying to do away with a system where this is possible, they are doing this by limiting property and directorship or other involvement in the private sector. This is a good start but giving all the Sochi scandals coming to the front I’m not sure if they are succeeding, Mr Putin doesn’t have long but if there is anyone who can sort this out I reckon that’s him.

Getting back to the late Venezuela, the work Hugo did in establishing trade, energy and oil contracts between Iran,Russia and Argentina is well worth a mention. I’ve got a special place for Argentina and if this American, Capriles who of Jewish descent . (anti-Semitic, no I’m stating fact so make your own opinions) , part of IFA, World association of young jurors the list goes on, head hunted by America, this is evident from trips to the states more frequently during the last few months, not to mentions his financiers for his campaign is US. Gosh why don’t governments just ban foreign funding for stuff like this how easy should that be, that’s a concern to vote for more than internet piracy, this is governmental piracy.

Stealing governments and downloading all their resources illegally and building your subsidized drones with it!

I don’t know Venezuela, I don’t live there. So whether life is better for the people through nationalization, I can only guess, if the government was corrupt like South Africa, it won’t be better off. If it wasn’t corrupt under Hugo Chavez then I think it’s save to say people are better off. In terms of the crime, that would have been a good place to make a mark not just on economical fronts. All corruption has a hierarchy, this is based on the works by some afro-guy(from somewhere in Carribean) that featured on TED Talks and Nome Chomsky . So by tackling petty corruption you can solve not so petty problems. Now I’d say the police in Venezuela should look after this but there has been numerous articles that surfaced on the web and some googling should get you to it that the US literally financed corrupt police in order to overthrow Chavez, thus I don’t doubt that even if he focus on state owned crime solving (i.e. police) it would have probably not worked because the police are funded by America.

I’m sorry for Venezuela and latin America, the US wants you back as per Nome Chomsky and they will do everything to get to oil if they can’t get it in the east.

They say history repeats, this could be one of two things, like Argentine, Eva Peron , Diana , Amelia Earhart , Christina Kircher , woman with power, for change and balance to create a more compassionate world and political system.

History could also repeat in theory there is no such thing as time but our perception of it. We live forever but through our perception it appears that we get older, it appears that the world change, but until we succeed to wake up to the reality that our existence here is purely to discover truth, love for every human being we will inevitably experience cyclic existence.

Many say, let’s stop the corrupt, lets occupy wall street. These are the petty folk, petty in all avenues of power except for their numbers, but even in numbers they are divided since over two years they have achieved something sustainable, need I remind you of historical weather underground.

You also have to think, somewhere, someone in a position with power will grow a conscience and really build a great future, the likes of Richard Branson, James Cameron, Elon Musk, Larry Page,Eric Schmidt etc. These guys are more interested in mining asteroids or colonizing mars as opposed to invest locally, their goals are a clear example that as a human race we have excelled at technology but neglect law, social and humanitarian (this is such a UN word), in laymen like myself terms. Technology has left out the people out of the equation, what are the millions of taxi drivers going to do for a living once google cabs take over, what are the foxcon workers going to do when China build 1 million assembly robots ?

I don’t mind rich  people , it’s good to be inventive, but  you cannot leave the people factor out of the equation, unless you aim to colonize mars (I suppose). But mars is going to be pretty boring if all the people, yachts, lambo’s, caviar, fine wines and most of all, the awesome sunshine remain here on earth.

1%, your doing it wrong.



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