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Our legacy

I recently changed jobs,

As we sat at the last supper and farewell not that it was a supper and I can’t really relate the situation to Jesus’ because I’m not implying to be Jesus either, let me rephrase. As we sat at the last lunch the topic of conversation change to what I haven’t really thought about, our legacy.

If I had to give my parents and grand parents a legacy it would be , settling down. My grand parents moved around a bit, irrigation was mostly cloud based 🙂 and they had multiple farms and could move around to the areas that suit their living although they would largely plant crops to accommodate the weather. Then during this period they settled down at one particular place. Our family isn’t too educated, it only really began with my parents’ generation where they got qualified as they worked their way through various apprenticeships. Then came me and my sibling, generation x. We both studied and largely employ today what we have acquired at a professional institution, I remember toying around with programming around 15 probably for the first time.

My parents and grand parents did will in speculating in property,however risk is not in their genes and most of all not a requirement for their lifestyle so we didn’t end up getting that coast house. However in South Africa many people did, I’m sure it wasn’t the start of property speculation but it sure is something that they can be remember for. My grandparents could probably be labelled as part of apartheid, but you have to ask yourself. The international and local communication was pale to what we have today. The same way I won’t blame some british bloke that grew up during the colonial period for invading half the world I also won’t blame my grand parents, anyway apartheid was largely a select few that started the idea that probably originated with Cecil John Rhodes and the powers that be.

What about our legacy, what will it be and most importantly what do we want it to be as we are still shaping it.

When it comes to this I can’t help but thing of Aaron Schwartz, Bradley Manning  and the whole wiki leaks extravaganza. Although backyard farming, aquaponics, permaculture was available well before the 80s it’s only now that younger people are getting into it.  It’s employed to localize food production which is going to be a major part of our future when it comes to fighting the powers like Monsanto. Especially in Palestine and Iran hydroponics is getting a lot of traction, mostly because foreign powers or local as in the case with Palestine is destroying the means of living and infrastructure for people.

Activism would be part of what I’ll remember as our legacy, we strive to get equality, by the way I saw a great article on Finland’s approach to equality in schooling. You should be able to google it or check it out on my facebook page. We try to get our voices heard and implemented, again the 60’s had plenty of this with the hippy movement , sadly we are not doing much better and getting it done but at least we have millions more trying in the form of blogposts and other campaigns mostly given to us by the platform that is the internet it’s where mind meets mind.

In terms of technology we are so far ahead of what any political or humanitarian system can control that it is scary, we aim to mine the moon while we lack legislation that protect local species, I just read in the paper this morning about New Zealand opening previously protected land for gold prospecting, sadly. We have no way of knowing the extent of the damage we cause to the planet.  I think that is largely why the rich aim to leave earth. It will serve as a mining colony I’m sure. I always find it amazing how science fiction becomes reality.

Our legacy is now and we need to chip away at our masterpiece every day.

PS; if you have an opinion similar to mine, feel free to get in contact me ; . I’d like to hear from you and I’m also keen to get more ideas published on the site other than my own.



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